BI for Top Performance: Become The Accelerator In Your Company

User-driven BI is designed to empower the business user and make IT professionals look like heroes with easy-to-use yet powerful tools that address the challenges of agility, speed and innovation. These solutions can provide easier access to data than is generally available with more traditional BI systems. This flexibility helps stakeholders to leverage data and make decisions at the speed of their business.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Why should you need to be an IT Professional to get access to enterprise data and insight?

Topic: Learn How to Unlock Your Data with User-Driven BI

We originally aired this webinar on Arpil 14, 2015 but you are in luck.  We recorded it so you can access it right now.  Simply complete the form to the right for Instant Access to the webinar.  We hope you enjoy it.

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In this 30 minute session you will begin to discover how User-driven BI or discovery platforms can enable business users to:

  • Visualize information in easy-to-understand yet powerful formats
  • Interactively explore information to discover critical insights 
  • Work seamlessly across platforms, including mobile devices
  • Leverage the collective knowledge of their teams through collaborative features
  • Communicate the findings in a pervasive manner allowing others across the enterprise to leverage key insights and business driven decisions.
QlikView Business Intelligence Platform

As data strategies become more streamlined an “information supply chain” forms that enables companies to work with information in a variety of ways.

Today’s systems are creating value throughout the supply chain leveraging information in its raw form or modeled to drive analysis, visualization, collaboration and storytelling. As the data is utilized throughout the supply chain, companies are positioning information on a variety of platforms purpose built to meet the needs of the business. 

User-driven platforms need to be able to work seamlessly across diverse ecosystems and deploy their insights to a wide variety of consumers on multiple delivery devices (cloud, mobile, desktop). When IT manages data more strategically, business users are able to more easily access and leverage data. This data access allows executives to make better and faster business decisions side-stepping the often laborious task of relying on IT for access to information.

Make sense?

Qlik Sense brings true benefits to IT groups, helping elevate their stature and importance across the organization by providing real value to the business. Whether yours is a small IT organization struggling to support the business under growing cost restrictions and increasing workloads or a large IT organization challenged with being a closer partner to the business and providing Big Data analytics, Qlik Sense enables IT groups to provide faster and more intelligent analytics for the business while taking advantage of existing investments.

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