Are you driving the right car for your business?

Mar 4, 2013

Glitz and Glamour

This past weekend, I took my son to the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

As an avid car buff, I was looking forward to checking out the latest models and all of the up and coming prototypes. I figured my son would be less enthusiastic than I was. Once we got there however, he was hopping in and out of cars…running from here to there…and looking for all of the free merchandise.

It’s overwhelming how many cars, trucks and SUVs there are on the market. And those terms are extremely generic and high level.

Cars…do you mean coupe or sedan? Sports or luxury? Luxury – would that be entry level of high end? SUVs? Do you want a cross over? Or a body on frame design? There are so many options to choose from!

My son could care less about the price tag on a vehicle nor for the most part its purpose or design. He just liked all of the flash and production. If only we could be so lucky in business. As a business owner, imagine if you could fly by the seat of your pants and make decisions regardless of the tangibles, paying attention only to pomp and circumstance.

What are the Facts?

For a business to be successful, decision makers must acknowledge and recognize objectives and requirements. In car terms…do you want a car or an SUV? You decide on a car…but are you on a budget? What’s the minimum or maximum price that you would want to pay? Are you loyal to a particular brand or willing to shop around?

Perhaps you’re not able to answer any of these questions until your business understands why you need a new vehicle. What are the expectations for the new vehicle? Is there a certain process that it is going to be used in? Does your business even know what the process is?

Tools such as Process Mapping and Requirements Gathering can assist an organization to understand their current state and recognizing where they are heading in the future.

Getting to Know Your Business!

Taking a current process in place at a company and blowing it up and analyzing each step is a way to better understand where you might be falling short or where there might be inefficiencies. It may also pinpoint areas that your organization is currently excelling in.

Using our example, it might better allow you to understand the role that a new vehicle might play in your business. Process Mapping is a useful tool for this analysis.

During the analysis of the process, a review of requirements for each step should be completed. Do you need a car that can get great gas mileage? Do you need a van that has a lot of cargo capacity? Perhaps you need a vehicle that can tow a large trailer.

Conducting interviews, assembling focus groups, asking all of the right questions…are ways to ensure that you’re confident when you purchase your two-door convertible vs. the four door station wagon.

Your Business is Our Business

BizXcel has the resources to assist your business in each one of these areas. We can help you decide not only which "vehicles" you might want to test drive, but we also ensure your organization will be confident in your decisions moving forward.

So, unlike my son, who hopped from vehicle to vehicle following the flashing lights, as a business owner you can be assured that your decisions are based on knowledge and facts stemming from valuable analysis.

Book an appointment today with one of our qualified staff to learn how we can help your business speed to success instead of spinning your tires in the sand.