Jun 14, 2011

First, write down everything you did yesterday. Really, stop and write it all down. Now, read it over. How many things on your list made you happy? How many made you miserable?

In theory, we all realize that we can design our own lives but often we only really plan for (or consider planning for) our more monumental future goals such as buying a home or make time only for the activities that we deem noteworthy such as our children’s birthday parties. And, of course, there are the activities in your day you might not love but must be done. Consider this, what if you scheduled 30 minutes every day for yourself? What would you do? How would those thirty minutes have changed your day (if you had scheduled a different more enjoyable activity)?

It’s easy to let life happen without giving it too much thought; however, if we take even a little bit of control over the daily process, we can consciously choose greater happiness. Create a new routine today or redesign an existing one (morning, afternoon or evening). It’s your choice.

We must try to remember to “enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” (Robert Brault).