IT Secrets: Get What You Need, When You Need It

Feb 22, 2013

Are you frustrated with IT not being responsive to your requests for data and reports? Is this stopping you from making important decisions? Is your business suffering as a result? 

There's a solution and it's called Self-Service Analysis.

I don’t know about your organization, but just about every company I talk to is struggling with reduced budgets, increased workload and higher demands.

IT departments in most companies have felt this dramatically, as the demand for their services to support all of the devices and data flowing into the organization has skyrocketed while their budgets have remained flat or decreased. The result is a department that appears to be unresponsive to requests for data and reports to help you make the decisions that must be made.

Businessman whispering secret to other businessman

Reports have always taken time.

The creation of traditional reports and Business Intelligence solutions was typically measured in months (or years depending on the project). Therefore, when it hits the IT queue of projects it often gets stalled because they don’t have the spare resources for the period of time that is required for the project.

This is simply a survival tactic that they employ.

However, if you could come to them and say: "I need data and it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours. Oh, and by the way, the economic value to the organization is 50, 100 or a 1000 times the investment in time" - they likely can find those few hours.

Now you have your data, but no report.

Once you have convinced them to get you the much needed data, what do you do with it?

You have data but you don’t know what it means. You have no reports or BI solution to allow you to explore your data to find those jewels of knowledge. You need to see patterns across time to understand what is happening.

You have all these unanswered questions that you need to solve. You need a tool that is simple to use and will allow you to explore the data to find the kernels of knowledge.

QlikView is that tool.

Load data from a database, spreadsheet or other data sources and begin to do your own analysis.

No excuses, no delay tactics; just self-serve analysis on your terms.

Is that hard?

It's simple. One of the great things about QlikView is the ease and speed with which you can add additional data or groups of data to continue on the investigation.

You may look at financial data and think to yourself, “If I could add in the budgets for each department I could answer the question of how we are progressing against budget”. With QlikView, it is easy to add a spreadsheet or data from another source and bring it all together in your charts and analysis.

QlikView facilitates how we think and ask questions: as we review information, we ask new questions and explore.

QlikView was specifically designed to enable the end user, the analyst in each of us, to gain insights from our data without burdening the IT department unnecessarily.

Load data, ask questions and seek answers, make decisions.

BizXcel is as QlikView partner, building and supporting clients with their reports and applications that depend on QlikView. If you would like additional information on how QlikView could help you make the important decisions in your organization, please contact us.

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