Laughing Babies are Bad for Business

Apr 4, 2011

On March 28, a mother and her 13 month old baby were kicked off a bus in Australia because the baby was laughing too loudly.

As funny as this event is to those of us reading about it, this story teaches us some important lessons about customer service:

1. Know Your Customer

When a mother and a child can no longer ride on public transportation for fear of being too loud, there are issues with that system. You need to be in touch with whom your clients are and understand their needs. Everyone knows that sometimes babies need to be loud.

2. When a Problem Arises, Deal with It

When Toni Hayes, the mother, attempted to complain about the incident, she was told all the managers were away all week and was given the brush off. When your customers have complaints, listen to them immediately and deal with them promptly. Not only will you possibly regain their trust and loyalty, but you’ll find out about problems that other customers may be having and save yourself future business.

3. Bad News Travels Fast

Whether it is through word of mouth or the international media, unfavourable news has a habit of running fast and far. The old adage may be that any publicity is good publicity, but in regards to customer service, this rarely holds true.

4. Impressions are Everything

It only takes one bad interaction to ruin someone’s impression of your company and leave a bitter taste in their mouth. You may have faithfully served them dozens of times before, but all this can be quickly forgotten in the wake of a single bad episode. When it comes to customer service, you need to always be at the top of your game or get kicked off the bus.