Jun 27, 2011

Are you trustworthy? Enthusiastic? Confident? Relaxed? Ambitious? Do you have the ability to think outside of the box? If so, you are on a path to be an exceptional leader in your life, whether it is at work or your personal life. People like you, they have faith in you with your composite of great leadership traits.

So what happens when we go off track and lose our way? Let’s face it, it has all happened to us before. We are focused so much on one project that we eventually get stuck and don’t know where to go. We sit in a hole and wait, hoping someone will hear us crying for help and come save us from the awful pit we’re sinking in.

Don’t think you’re from space if you get stuck in a rut; we all get stuck at some point in our lives. So why do leaders get stuck? They supposedly have all of these fantastic traits, right? Well, leaders, believe it or not are just like any other person. They can ignore the vision, lose their focus, take ineffective actions, and take the longer way to achieve a goal, or simply become disconnected from their work and fellow coworkers. It can be a blessing to become stuck in life because you then have to work so hard to climb back up the ladder to the success point you always sustain. You learn to value and appreciate your success. You can’t appreciate light unless you have some darkness.

So when you’re recovering from the fall, keep in mind, the fast lane isn’t always the lane to be in. Accidents arise (Stress levels sky rocket, the days seem like they’re never going to end), don’t wear yourself down like your favorite skinny jeans from high school, you are a leader and let that shine through. So if that means asking for help, or slowing your pace down to regain the grasp of your work, it is a wise thing to do. Any mistake you encounter in your life will get you on the road to becoming the leader we all know is inside. You want to be the leader to make a difference, that when people hear your name they stop and say, “Now they are one true leader. They are my inspiration to letting the leader in me be unleashed.” Remember life is here to teach you the lessons. It’s up to you to learn them.

A Leader by Choice

I’m 19 years old and I am a leader. I have strangers telling me all of the time and it is a great thing to hear. My parents telling me they are so proud of my accomplishments and friends and family telling me they hope their child will turn out as I have when they’re older. I have worked hard to get where I am today. And you may not think that a 19 year old would have many opportunities to make that happen, but I found those opportunities and took hold of them. I have been working since a very young age, taking up any jobs I could, like babysitting, lawn cutting, and gardening. I was hungry for money you could say! As of today, I work alongside my father, Gary Gzik and run right over to my second job when I am done here. This year has been the best work experience I have ever encountered and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to learn from a leader like himself. But one thing my father continues to tell me is, “Slow down, look at what is around you. Don’t burn yourself out, enjoy life. Work will always be there for you. You are talented and quite the leader. Take time to focus, don’t over think and no matter what that leader will always shine to anyone that meets you.”

As John Quincy Adams stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”.