My New Year’s Resolution Why It Should Be Yours Too

Dec 23, 2011

2011 flew by so fast, as it is incredible to think the year is coming to an end. The beginning and end of a year are always filled with the most excitement. It’s a time to reflect on your business’s performance and overall success, it’s also a time to seek out how you see the New Year playing out. Think about what it is that you and your business want. Is it to increase the organization skills? Increase your products and services to clients? Or how about just an overall improvement across all areas of your business? The list for New Year’s resolutions can be extensive, so pinpoint a few key areas that you believe need improvement, that you see as helping achieve a better work-life balance for you and the entirety of the business.

Achieving success at work is best not faced alone, so get everyone on board to help check off your New Year’s resolutions one by one. Having a tough time generating some ideas for your resolution list? Don’t worry, below you will see a list of examples of possible resolutions. Use these as guidelines to get your thoughts flowing freely and creatively. Remember, New Year’s resolutions can be as simple as getting that old, rusty machine out of the office and introducing that brand new shiny one! Or it can more challenging as promoting your business to get greater visibility on a regular basis so that you see your list of new clients growing continuously. Simple or challenging, all resolutions need time and effort to satisfyingly achieve.

  • Number one on our list is learning the ropes of delegating and putting it into action! Although we hate to admit it, it’s easy to get bogged down with different tasks and sometimes those papers on our desk keep piling up until they end up trapping us in our offices. You can write to Santa and ask to for more hands, but in the end, I think it’s safe to say that delegating is the way to go, who knows if you made it on his naughty list this year. There’s no need to start the year off all frazzled with work, spread the load around and every one will stay in their cheery holiday spirit.
  • Next up, work together as a business to give back to the community that supports you. There are many organizations in each community that are worthy of your donations whether it be financial or ‘sweat’. Work together as a group, including all employees (If your business is too large, divide it by departments) and choose a cause that matters to everyone. If everyone is pleased with the decision then the donations will reflect that. Don’t limit to donations though, if you want to take part with different community days, be a Big Brother or a Big Sister or even sit on a committee after work hours, every contribution counts. Think of it this way too, it can be a great way for team building and a reliever of work stress if you incorporate fun activities to raise the dollars. Volunteering as a team is extremely rewarding.
  • Drum rolls please…you guessed it! Make time on everyone’s calendar to plan a weekly planning session. This may sound boring but not if you keep it under 15 minutes. Start at the beginning of every work week, it’s also a way to wake everyone up on that Monday morning we all dread. Talk about the successes of the previous week, what worked and what did not work. Set your hopes for the day and tagging along with delegation, ask where some tasks can be switched too. Keep these meetings focused on alignment with company goals and priorities. This is an awesome way to communicate. In the end it will provide your workplace with a healthy atmosphere and a developing business. This is also a great reflection on what is working for the company and what is not. This will keep you in touch with what people are thinking and feeling. If something is not working for you and your fellow co-workers then further investigation should be put to action for the issue.
  • And at last, the biggest resolution of all…generating more sales than the previous year! It is hard to set aside time for the sales and marketing portion of your business but it is crucial to the survival of a company. With all of the economic difficulties surrounding us it tends to put a damper on our attitude but this should be the motivator to give potential clients a reason to want to do business with you. They may only be able to start slow giving business but eventually when the economy turns around, you will be happy you attracted them when you did. Brainstorm ways to reconnect with existing customers by adding more value or some creative solution for them to use. Have team members call customers and ask them about changing trends in their own business or if they owned your company what changes would they make? The key here is engagement.

It’s time to follow through with our resolutions, because I know when I set my resolution for working out at the gym, it has a life span of about two weeks and then I become a ghost to the gym setting. This is why the entire group needs to be motivated, so that we motivate each other to keep pushing for our goals, to see change, to see success. There may be such a thing as failing, but learn to fail forward. Use every failed attempt as a learning curve so you can get back on track and be the business you strive to be! So I wish you all the best in your New Year’s resolutions. If you find you are struggling completing these, give us a call and our team will help yours decide on the next steps to be taken.

Wishing you all the best for 2012.