In Order To Sell, You Must Be Driven To Tell

Jun 25, 2012

There’s the thought that selling a product is the most difficult task to accomplish, yet in reality it is not as complicated as the world has set it out to be. In order to spread your product like wildfire and have your potential clients saying YES here’s a few tips to put you in the right direction of your product sales.

Before I mention different avenues to sell, there is one golden rule of product sales you must comply with or your sales journey will be cut short in the near future.

In order to present your product you must truly love what you are doing…or at least be a great actor! Someone who is motivated from their own product transfers their motivation and excitement to the customer. Don’t give your customer multiple options; allow room for only one…that is, to buy on the spot! To be a great salesperson of your own product it is important to learn some new skills, customer service skills will teach you everything you need to know about how to listen and respond and read others’ body language to help ease the interaction. When presenting your product you must know every nook and cranny so the uncertain customer will now become confident in you and the product you are selling.

Have you exhausted your sales ideas? Don’t know where to market next? Here are a few ways your products can reach potential customers. Don’t throw in the towel just yet!

1) The Web. Full of opportunities and challenges it is the fastest way to market and grow your business, it is surely the most powerful marketplace. Whether you add shopping carts to your personal website, pay Google or Yahoo or side ads or sign up for a new social networking site, it all requires work. You must constantly be on top of your work, updating to new information or evaluating the outcomes of these methods. It is important to recognize that there are many internet methods available but it all depends on your target market and what works best for you and your product. A method that works well for our company may not be the most efficient for yours so try doing a little background information to see where and how your product could flourish.

2) Face to Face. Sometimes difficult to fit into schedules but can be rewarding as you’re adding value to your product by throwing yourself into your work through the community. Try spending a few days/nights every month attending any service or business clubs or business fairs. It will help you get your product known and gain new insight and knowledge on other businesses. Sometimes getting out of the office can be the push you need to get your product off to the right start. This is also where your creative side must come into play, business cards, posters, slogans and all to really ‘wow’ your customers and give them an unforgettable impression so that they are intrigued to revisit your product.

3) Old School. And if you’re hesitant about jumping on the web or placing yourself right in the middle of a crowd, try going old school and advertising around the town through newspapers, newsletters or brochures. Word of mouth can sometimes be just as successful as other means of selling.

I can sit here and continue giving you a list of sales methods but you must have a clear understanding of your business and product first; knowing target markets and your vision and mission statements. Without a vision you’re basically waiting for disaster to hit. Keep positive about your product and always remember why you were inspired in the first place. Focus on the deals between you and your customers and not always on the end result. Deliver the quality service you are capable of and let it build your reputation. Expand to new markets so you can reach new business heights. Your product will go from blah to an incredible hit as long as you have the passion and time to push your product. It’s about finding the right balance between sitting behind the keyboard and getting out on the streets. Buyers won’t come to you so you must get to them before another competitor does.

In the wise words of Erica Douglass, co-founder and C.E.O of Whoosh Traffic, “You can`t serve your customers effectively when you`re busy bashing your competitors.”