Jun 27, 2011

Every business man/woman wants a winning team. I can guarantee that if you go up to the ‘Big Cheese’ at any business and ask, “Do you want a winning team?” they will respond by saying, “Yes! A winning team is a strong team.”

We all want to be the first team to cross the finish line, but what does it mean to have a winning team? There are a lot of words that surround winning, victorious, successful, and unbeatable, so what makes these words turn into actions? The best definition of a team I have ever heard is a team is a group of people who work together to go out of their way to make each other look good. Team work success is rare to happen with the work of only one member, it must be inclusive to all. You may have a leader who is in charge of the direction of success but the team breaks through that red ribbon for the trophy together.

In order to have a winning team, the most important thing to have is a diverse team. You need a variety of people. According to Leadership Consultant, Nikos Mourkogiannis, he describes a healthy successful team as varying in four main employee types. We have the Magicians, the Lovers, the Sovereigns and the Warriors. I’ll quickly describe each type as Nikos has created, take a look!

The Magicians are those who have creativity beyond belief. They are obsessed with new ideas and creating them.

The Lovers always bring the situation back to human relations. They focus on the feelings rather than the ideas.

The Sovereigns are emotional and imaginative. They focus on everything and have a clear vision. They are more in the direction of beliefs.

The Warriors are rational and pragmatic. They hold others accountable, they like the cold hard facts and would like to get everything done right here, right now.

So now you have seen the four types of employees according to Nikos.

What group do you fall under?

These definitions of employees are all very different, but what makes a good team is a mix. You need that employee to stop and make you think, or you need those new ideas flowing. You will find your team most effective when there are many talents on board. It will broaden your business and take you to heights you have never imagined.

BizXcel Characters

Speaking of employee types, did I forget to mention we have all of those types at BizXcel? We have the creativity, the emotional ones, the over exuberant man, the brainiacs, and well the list goes on, but I don’t want to scare anyone!

What I’m saying is diversity works for business. BizXcel would not be where it is today without the different types that were hired. The team complements each other and it’s nice to know exactly who to go to when you have a specific question.

If your team has trust in each other about their types and talents, your business will grow with ideas!

What’s Your Type?

See the link below if you are unsure of the type you are. In the link below it is broken down into colours and will describe the meanings at the end. Goodluck!


“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” – Stephen Covey