A Resolution to Not Make Resolutions

Jan 10, 2011

My resolution, regarding both my business and personal life, is to not make resolutions. Okay, I may have just broken it by saying that, but my reasoning is sound. I don’t like resolutions because I think people make them too easily without putting much thought into them. January 1st rolls around and there’s this necessity to come up with one so you have an answer when someone asks you that annoyingly familiar question.

Now I have no problem with the subject matter of most peoples’ resolutions – to lose weight, quit smoking, get promoted, spend more time with family. All of these are worthy aspirations. My problem is that these days people expect resolutions to be broken. The end of February comes around and they’ve already quit the gym, that’s okay, no one actually expects them to keep their resolutions.

So what do you do? Forget resolutions. Set goals and create a plan to reach those goals. Write out detailed actions you are going to take and hold yourself to deadlines. Don’t be vague, be specific, be driven.

When someone asks you what your New Year’s resolution is, hold your head up proudly and say “I have none.”