Shhh!! Be quiet. I'm trying to sell you something.

Jan 11, 2013

A good salesman can sell anything, right? Car, homes, potato chips, laminating machines, fake office plants.

The bottom line is that a good salesman demonstrates a product has value, and then makes a profit as a result of the ensuing transaction. In which case, this guy is a brilliant saleman of sorts. He "sold" a paperclip for a house. That's profit.

Today, everyone knows - and feels - like they are constantly being sold things. We are being sold things in stores, online, at the bus stop, when we watch movies, and even when we use a public washroom. And there's there's the non-consensual advertising technique used by a company in New Zealand to sell shorts. Egads!

Is anything sacred anymore? What about silence? In the most brilliant double-take of all time, there is now a company in the UK that has decided to address the issue of you constantly being bombarded with physical and psychological "noise" selling you silence.

Yup. Selling you silence.

It's actually a brilliant idea, albeit not obviously so. In the middle of our busy lives where we will pay for anything that promises to dull the pain of our distraction, this company is inviting you to pay for a small piece of peace and quiet. Selfridges, a UK-based designer clothing store, has launched "No Noise. At Selfridges".

No Noise includes a series of Quiet Shops with Silence Rooms where you can go to sit and be quiet, escape the advertising by paying for top-brand clothing with the labels removed, and listen to meditation tracks in their "headspace pods". Or, if quiet is too stressful and well, un-busy feeling, you can attend a lecture on how important quiet is, feeding your need for intellectual productivity.

As ridiculous as it looks, it has an appeal. And they do a good sales pitch.

We have to ask though, isn't there a way to get the same positive effects afforded by those few minutes of tranquility without fliying to London to sit in a space pod and meditate on commuting?

At BizXcel, we think that companies can take several steps to give employees a greater sense of peace and contentment every day by promoting a psychologically healthy workplace. When employees are supported not only professionally, but also personally, they are more resilient to everyday stress, which makes them better able to participate at work.

In our "Putting the "I" back in Team" workshop, BizXcel engages the individual members of your teams in working on life skills that will enable them to be more effective team members. You can't fix a car by repainting it - you have to find the internal piece that needs repairs and start there. It's the same with teams: you need to give the individual team members the skills to take care of themselves, to manage their lives outside of work and then bring their whole selves to participate in the team initiative while at work.

Having these vital life skills gives people a sense of internal peace and quiet: a feeling of capability, resilience, and confidence that permeates and positively impacts your whole life. BizXcel's experiences, supported by peer-reviewed studies, have proven this time and again.

Save the plane tickets. Let BizXcel help your team find that peace and quiet without leaving the office.

(We can't promise we'll remember to cut the tags out of our clothing though).