Apr 1, 2013

Recently, our company decided it was time to refresh our professional headshots for our new website (Stay tuned! Launching soon!).

We all, one by one, trudged to our audio/video room and sat, stood, posed, and tried to look animated before the camera in pursuit of the "perfect shot".  

One of my co-workers, our Consulting Associate, posted her new pic to Facebook - and the comments began. Comments such as "Mischievious!  I see through your smooth exterior..." and "Can anyone who knows Elizabeth take this photo seriously?"  

It seems that the people who know her well could not ignore the all-too-familiar devilish look in her eyes in the picture. Her overall appearance was one of professionalism, but the colourful spark in her eyes was not hidden. One might think she hadn't been taking the whole process very seriously...

This picture and the resulting comments got me thinking (as I always am) about the concepts of Personality Dimensions. Have you ever had a photo snapped of yourself that you feel really captures your personality in all its complexities? And then at other times, some photos may not even look like you - they don't say anything about your personality or character. Just as with these photos, sometimes our day-to-day behaviour illustrates different facets of our personalities that our colleagues, friends and family associate with who we are as people. 

Is That Really Me?

Ask yourself some questions: Do you act differently now at your job, than you did when you were a teenager in high school? Are there those in your organization that you alter your behaviour around in order to reduce conflict, or obtain a desired result to a project? Do you find you are at odds with yourself at your job, constantly under stress, scrambling to get things done but at home, the chaos is welcome? Is the picture of you that others see simply a representation of what you believe they need or want to see?

Sometimes in our lives, we realize it’s important to become someone different depending on what situation we find ourselves in. This is especially true at work. 

Adapt or Die...Sounds Hard!

We may find our normal chaotic selves attempting to become more organized in our role as management. Networking meetings may require us to be more outgoing or outspoken when in reality, we would normally be the wallflower. An emotional co-worker might require that we become more empathetic with respect to feelings than we might ordinarily be.

Day in and day out, this ‘shifting’ of our traits and characteristics may prove to be tiring or emotionally draining for us. Have you ever gotten home from a long day at the office and you just feel drained? You might not have a physically demanding job, but still, you just feel weary. The fact is, you may be working so hard on showing everyone the picture they need or want to see of you - a picture that doesn't resemble the authentic you - that it’s becoming physically exhausting.

Enter Personality Dimensions!!!

The concepts and teachings of Personality Dimensions can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to understand why this discord may exist. And also, provide you with the means to learn how to better navigate the world - a world where that gleam in your eyes is allowed to shine forth.  

Throughout the ages, philosophers and psychologists have been attempting to group humans together based on like traits and characteristics. With respect to Personality Dimensions, these groupings resulted in assigning colours to individuals with similar personalities and values. And typically, a person’s identifying colour, their ‘spark’, follows them throughout life.

Keeping That Spark Alive

In the business world, you may find yourself in a position that necessitates you understand the attributes of other colour groups, and in fact, you may be forced to pull into your own behaviour the actions and behaviours of these other groups. This will probably place you outside of your comfort zone.

By learning the concepts of Personality Dimensions, and practicing the use of the tools provided, you can raise your comfort level and behave authentically - according to your own comfort level with that particular facet of your personality - or that particular piece of the multi-coloured puzzle that forms the picture of who you are at your core. 

As a certified Personality Dimensions instructor, I can provide you and your organization with these invaluable tools.

Learn how to make sure that the portrait everyone sees of you is reflective not only of their perceptions and expectations, but also does not sacrifice that sparkle of colour in your eyes!

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