Jan 28, 2015

How often are you on auto-pilot while sitting at your desk?   Click here.  Check that.  Balance those figures.  Glass of water.  Repeat.   You may get so comfortable in your tasks, that you never question why you are doing the things you do.   Or, you may get so comfortable that you start skipping steps.

But what happens when this comfort level or skipping of steps leads to future problems?   That one time you decide to not balance figures, could be the one time that totals are out by millions.   You then find yourself a few months later trying to solve a problem that could more easily have been solved at the time.

Processes and procedures in a company are usually put in place for a reason.  At some point in time, employees got together with systems designers, bosses, customers etc. to decide what needed to be accomplished for that particular task.  And everyone was trained.

Fast forward a few months, a few years even and the processes may become so common place that you find you can do them in your sleep.  But…perhaps you need to wake up from this sleep…before what you’re doing turns into a nightmare.

There are many reasons why processes need to be revisited to determine whether they are accomplishing what they were originally designed to do.   Perhaps the business environment has changed.  Maybe your customer has new expectations.   Or reporting methods have changed.   Or perhaps a new piece of software or machinery was introduced into the process and has a larger impact than you originally thought.   You may also have new employees performing the process who have been trained by the person on auto-pilot, rather than by reviewing the whole process in completion.

By taking the time to review your processes and procedures periodically, you and your company will be able to reduce the amount of headaches you experience from those that either aren’t being carried out properly or need to be ‘tweaked’.   


There’s nothing that says that a process is static and can’t be changed over the course of its life.   Things happen.  People happen.  If it needs to change, then do it sooner, rather than later.   Before you’re forced to find the little black box from that flight on auto-pilot.