Sep 26, 2016

New Year Clock

It’s that time of season when we start to see a lot of articles on trends for the upcoming year.  It’s hard to believe that we are this far into 2016.  Forbes recently came out with an article outlining 6 Disruptive Trends in Technology for 2017.

While all of these trends are exciting and could prove to set the world on its ear in 2017, I’d like to focus more attention on those changes that are specific to Big Data and Analytics.

The progress being made with the population of Big Data is truly amazing.  Consider point 2 of the article that states that Big Data is only going to continue to grow in size and the creation of new and innovative algorithms will change the landscape.  Take for example MIT and Ford who joined forces to read cellphone location data.   With it, they are able to produce instantaneous traffic and transportation patterns that previously took years to build.  This increased demand for Big Data requires the need for additional storage where we are expecting to see big changes as well.

The Internet of Everything can be an intimidating or overwhelming concept for some people, however, imagine the power that it provides by contributing to the world of Big Data.  For BizXcel, that’s of particular interest because it leads to the connecting of data, things, people and processes which are pieces of our Delta P4 Model.  Companies will be able to review things such as consumer patterns and resource usage and in turn, processes and peoples’ lives in general could become more efficient.

With the rise in Big Data it will become increasingly important to have a tool that’s capable of rapid development and robust reporting and visualizations.  BizXcel currently partners with Qlik, a Business Intelligence provider that offers a couple of different solutions to answer the need for Big Data analysis.   The QlikSense and QlikView products allow users to quickly access information from various sources and perform analysis through a Business Discovery process.

As we approach 2017 ask yourself if you and your business are prepared to embrace these new trends. Big Data is waiting for you.