Is data holding you and your team hostage?

Feb 24, 2016

Literature flying from device


Here at BizXcel we provide a myriad of services to clients in order to make them better than they are today.   In the past, as a business analyst, I have been tasked with working with clients to define user requirements, understand their systems and tweak their processes.    In recent months, I have expanded my role to include that of providing leadership and team training to organizations to help them improve the soft skills side of their business.    

When talking to people in organizations, to determine pain points for their leadership team or just talking about what’s working and not working for their teams, often times we will perform a needs assessment.   Just a ‘sit down and chat’ session where we really get to connect to the employees and what they feel they are struggling with.

As someone who also wears a business analyst hat, I am able to pick out issues that may exist because of systems issues.   Or reporting issues.   One common issue I’ve heard is frustration around providing information to others when that information is spread throughout an organization.   This is sometimes a huge consumer of time, time that could more effectively be used to lead a team to success.

Luckily enough, I have familiarity with Business Intelligence tools that are able to easily assist employees with this struggle.    In particular, I have found that the Qlik products offered by QlikTech provide a powerful means for employees to pull in and analyze data.     One of its special features is the ability to pull in data from multiple data sources.   This means a user can pull in information from Human Resources, Operations and Logistics etc. into one easy to manipulate application to perform analysis and create reports.

From a training perspective, this allows me to offer a win to my client by empowering them to free up their times spent on reports so that they can pursue other more important tasks to support a more productive team environment.

If you are reading this and it strikes a chord with you and your situation, take a quick look at this video and see just how easy it is to begin pulling data into this tool.

And just think….how much time could you be gaining by simplifying analysis in order to spend more time on the things that really excite you?