Telling your story better than before

Jun 16, 2016

Data visualizations

It used to be that we needed specific skills and talent to create our data visualizations. It was nice to have but often companies were not communicating their data in a visual way. All of that has changed now. For managers, visual communication is key to leading, communicating and inspiring teams to understanding the work they do. 

We have recently seen the shift to data visualizations being so important because decision making has become increasingly difficult with overwhelming amounts of data. Without these visualizations, inefficiencies go missed and we never seem to be able to get ahead through smart decision making. 

But now thanks to simple and powerful tools like Qlik Sense,  that is affordable and can be used by anyone, regardless of data skill set, everyone has the opportunity to communicate their data with visuals. There is no excuse why managers cannot share their data or look for patterns when data visualization has become as simple as a click here and there to dive deeper for insights. The skill now becomes analyzing it and understanding the story your data is creating in front of your eyes. Numbers without a visual leave them as imaginary numbers. When you add the visual it brings life to the numbers and allows people to connect because they are able to see how they impact what is on the screen. 

Check out this short video to see how you can create your first visualization in just minutes.