Nov 3, 2016

 Police stop

Data analytics is changing the way we view the world. Police services are picking up momentum as they rely heavily on analytics to track, monitor and fight back against criminal activity. 

It’s one thing to hear about crime in your community and it’s another to actually see a visualization to clearly show patterns. More police services are turning to data to analyze, identify patterns and trends and communicate to citizens the behaviour and geographical areas that crime is taking place. 

Crime has endless patterns and opportunities which means there is plenty to explore. Police services are not only tracking where crime is happening and its classification but it is also being used to automate reports, files, 911 calls and so forth. With the use of data we can understand our communities on a deeper level to minimize crime and other incidents and utilize our police force in higher crime areas. 

We are able to transform the public service sector through data exploration where we can drive better decision making, optimize time, reduce costs and most importantly deliver fast and powerful information to citizens to create public awareness and transparency with the police. 

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