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There are a couple of challenges that are faced when trying to bring Insurance In Force data into any analytics platform.  

First is the challenge with Policies In Force (PIF) being a point in time metric.  PIF is a snapshot at a...

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We know that analyzing expenses is vital to an organization and is surely being done by the CFO or individual responsible for this business task. But what’s important here is how it is being analyzed, what’s being...

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Boardroom chairs

Analytics always seems to be the hot topic at board meetings and continues to make it in strategic planning documents. Many decision makers, such as a board of director, are now pushing to understand data...

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Qlik Sense 3.0

With the latest release of Qlik Sense 3.0, Qlik has improved its agility and administration role capabilities to help support IT in new ways.

Check out the highlights of...

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Data visualizations

It used to be that we needed specific skills and talent to create our data visualizations. It was nice to have but often companies were not communicating their data in a visual way. All of that has changed now. For managers,...

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After creating many emails over the years about how to get up and started using Qlik as a developer, I thought it might be time to create a blog post that links to a...

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Santa Working on Rooftop

Yes, even Mr. Santa Claus himself uses data to determine who is on the naughty and nice lists. With all the kids in the world he needs some sort of monitoring and decision making...

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Most companies collect mountains of data, with some not even realizing how much they really have.  The challenge for most is to turn this valuable asset...

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As an avid auto enthusiast, I’m always amazed to see the innovations that the auto industry is bringing to the highways these days.   However, have you ever taken a step back for a moment to see what kinds of new things are coming to the market?  Auto makers have pretty much nailed how to make a car accelerate, corner and brake with confidence and their styling is leaps and bounds...

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We hear it far too often. Your ERP system is not providing you with the quality reports you need so you’re shopping around to replace it or repair it. Guess what? You don’t need to do either! 

Your system should support your business plan and it should support your other software systems. Perhaps your ERP system was never a good fit from the start or...

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