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Typically, when you hear the words, “data analytics” you often don’t associate a small business with it. People have this idea that data analytics comes with a large price tag and that small...

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We know that analyzing expenses is vital to an organization and is surely being done by the CFO or individual responsible for this business task. But what’s important here is how it is being analyzed, what’s being...

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Analytics always seems to be the hot topic at board meetings and continues to make it in strategic planning documents. Many decision makers, such as a board of director, are now pushing to understand data...

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Lucas and I are off to Qlik Qonnections 2017, May 15-18 in Orlando, Florida. The premier BI conference that brings Qlik partners, customers and data lovers together to share insights and explore data further. 

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With all the rain we are experiencing it is a perfect time to stay indoors and spring clean – especially to declutter in IT. It’s time to tackle the projects or internal maintenance that has been put off because the IT department has been...

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BizXcel is seeking a Junior/Intermediate Account Executive (Full-time Salary Position) to join our team and assist us in our growth. BizXcel (Head office is in Brockville, Ontario) is a growing consulting, training and business...

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In January, Qlik announced the acquisition of Idevio. This company provides geographical software and services which has allowed Qlik to add an in-depth geographical dimension to data. Qlik already had strong mapping capabilities but with Geoanalytics you can...

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As technology continues to bring about new opportunities for business it also is driving more disruption for the insurance industry. The 2017 Technology Conference (ICTC) is happening in Toronto this month where industry experts will...

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I believe one of the most powerful ways to collect data is by exhibiting at a tradeshow – I’m not saying go register for every 2017 tradeshow there is but if the verticals you sell into have successful tradeshow events I urge you to take the time upfront...

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