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BizXcel is seeking a Junior/Intermediate Account Executive (Full-time Salary Position) to join our team and assist us in our growth. BizXcel (Head office is in Brockville, Ontario) is a growing consulting, training and business...

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In January, Qlik announced the acquisition of Idevio. This company provides geographical software and services which has allowed Qlik to add an in-depth geographical dimension to data. Qlik already had strong mapping capabilities but with Geoanalytics you can...

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As technology continues to bring about new opportunities for business it also is driving more disruption for the insurance industry. The 2017 Technology Conference (ICTC) is happening in Toronto this month where industry experts will...

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I believe one of the most powerful ways to collect data is by exhibiting at a tradeshow – I’m not saying go register for every 2017 tradeshow there is but if the verticals you sell into have successful tradeshow events I urge you to take the time upfront...

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Ask yourself this question, does your data have a purpose? If not, you’re probably stuck in some sort of holding pattern. Data analytics has been transforming organizations, helping leaders manage their team performance, analyze customer retention,...

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On calls with prospects, we often hear about their disappointment with new analytical platforms in which they’ve invested so much time and energy. Despite thinking they were fantastic based on what the vendor...

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Blood sugar testing

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot about diabetes in the news. Everything from tweaking nutrition to exercise and yes, even how data can help manage the metabolic disease. Diabetes seems to be one disease that is growing exponentially and...

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 Police stop

Data analytics is changing the way we view the world. Police services are picking up momentum as they rely heavily on analytics to track, monitor and fight back against criminal activity. 

It’s one thing to hear about crime in your community...

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Public service sector

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Data is a powerful story but without giving it a voice the impact is lessened. You don’t find everything in the numbers, you find everything by allowing your data to speak and tell a story. Why do we struggle so much to hear what our data is...

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No matter how successful a company is, succession planning is an essential component to do good business. It’s easy to put off planning when things seem to be lining up so perfectly but succession planning should never be put off for many reasons.


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Succession planning


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