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There are a couple of challenges that are faced when trying to bring Insurance In Force data into any analytics platform.  

First is the challenge with Policies In Force (PIF) being a point in time metric.  PIF is a snapshot at a...

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Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense

BizXcel just recently rolled out our latest update to the Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense.  With this latest release, the suite of Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense...

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The BizXcel Business Intelligence team has been hard at work developing an insurance template that is powered by Qlik Sense. This template is to meet the needs of insurance companies who are seeking reporting and analytics that are not currently...

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We often get asked what the return on investment will be by undertaking a business intelligence (BI) project.  Depending on the circumstances a hard ROI number can be calculated for the project before we begin.  More often it is not...

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Have you ever stopped to think how much time you spend over the day trying to gather the information you need to make a decision? It would likely scare you if you began tracking it and thought about how ineffective this time is.


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Wouldn’t you like to increase the performance of your organization?  You likely realize that there are areas for improvement in your processes and/or people that would lead to better performance.  But do you really know how to achieve it...

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We are now in February and it’s about time that all of those great intentions and New Year’s resolutions start to slip and we drift back to our old habits.  I count myself among the guilty.

However, if you resolved to get a better...

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We hear this so many times, “I know I need analytics and better reporting but I don’t know where to start”.  People feel overwhelmed with the task of either implementing analytics or improving what they have.  This being the...

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I always find it interesting that as a company we go through planning processes each year but then fail to support...

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Most companies collect mountains of data, with some not even realizing how much they really have.  The challenge for most is to turn this valuable asset...

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