Female tracking fitness progress

By now we have all heard of fitness trackers like the Fitbit and Smart Watches. For Christmas I received a...

From the blog of: Hannah Gzik
metrics, Data, Health and Fitness, Tracking

Man crouched down in front of Are You Ready sign

After creating many emails over the years about how to get up and started using Qlik as a developer, I thought it might be time to create a blog post that links to a...

From the blog of: Lucas Blancher
Qlik, Getting Started, Qlik Sense, Training, Resources

Santa Working on Rooftop

Yes, even Mr. Santa Claus himself uses data to determine who is on the naughty and nice lists. With all the kids in the world he needs some sort of monitoring and decision making...

From the blog of: Hannah Gzik
Qlik Sense, Business Intelligence, Inventory Management, Performance, Transportation, Analytics

Storm Radar

As leaders around the world gather in Paris this week to discuss climate change, the eyes of the world are on them as they...

From the blog of: Cory Hanna
big data, Climate Change, Predictive Analytics

Strategy Diagram

I always find it interesting that as a company we go through planning processes each year but then fail to support...

From the blog of: Robert Stickle
Dashboards, Planning, Strategy, Strategic Plan, metrics

Circuit board of human brain

Companies are finally starting to realize the power of analytics while not forgetting the human element to it. When analytics is embraced it can be used to improve operations, support employees and...

From the blog of: Hannah Gzik
Delta P4, Data, Analytics, Human Element, Organizational Alignment, decision making

Polling Station

Over the past few weeks, Canadians have been bombarded by the vigorous efforts of each of the main political parties to garner their vote...

From the blog of: Cory Hanna
big data, Voter Turnout, Election, Analysis, Data, Data Collection

Sheep and Rhino walking across a small wood log


Most companies collect mountains of data, with some not even realizing how much they really have.  The challenge for most is to turn this valuable asset...

From the blog of: Robert Stickle
competitive advantage, Data, Qlik, Qlik Sense, Natural Analytics

Data. It’s everywhere. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. But who would have thought data would be in the ocean? I sure didn’t! The world is creating so much data but what are we going to do with it? How are we going to turn it...

From the blog of: Hannah Gzik
big data, Data Collection, Ocean Data Industry, Technology

Although technology is important when talking about data and reporting, there is more to your data success than just the technology you use. Companies also need their data to be driven by their processes, accessibility to information, and people oriented culture ...

From the blog of: Hannah Gzik
Data, empowered users, decision making, people, processes, Delta P4, Business Intelligence, competitive advantage


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