My daughter has a fascination with the ‘new’ Sherlock Holmes…the 21st Century portrayal of the famous detective by Benedict Cumberbatch.   Actually, I believe she has more of a fascination with the actor than with the character, but we will leave that for another blog post.

We were reviewing famous quotes of Sherlock Holmes the other day after watching an episode and...

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I was recently speaking with a prospect and was asked the question, “why would a company want or need BI?”  In my response I indicated several reasons including the fact that companies looking to improve efficiency would benefit from BI.  To this I got a somewhat confused look and the question, “How is a Business Intelligence solution going to make the operation more efficient?”

So the...

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Tradeshows. We love them! It’s a lot of work but they pay off.

It’s nice to have a change of scenery and show off your booth to thousands of individuals. A lot of work goes into setting up your booth, despite what you may think with it being a 10 x 10 space. It’s the nitty-gritty work of loading, unloading, setting up the booth and making sure you have...

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As an analyst, I often work with clients who are trying to gather all of the data they can in order to make decisions.  In this new world of Big Data, where data is knowledge and knowledge is power, it may seem like the more data we have, the more powerful we will be.

But is there a risk that collecting too much data can cause unwanted noise in our analysis?  Should we collect data just...

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Over the past year, as I have been learning Qlik Sense I have realized that there is something fundamentally different about Qlik Sense when compared to Qlikview.  It’s not that Qlik Sense is based on cutting edge web standards such as Web Sockets or the use of intelligent visualizations, it’s that it is designed from the ground up to change organizations.  It’s...

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I had a conversation this week with a colleague about efficiency.  We were trying to determine how to decide when efficient was efficient enough.  The question was if you are at 99% efficiency, is that good enough and there is no sense exploring the remaining 1%?

On the surface this sounds pretty reasonable and there are likely better places to put effort and spend money rather than...

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IT does get a bum rap sometimes as being the speed bump in an organization.  It often is seen as the bottleneck that slows the organization down and prevents it from achieving their goals quickly.  Is this deserved?  Well in most organizations its reality but not because IT wants it this way. 

Having worked in IT for most of my life and managed IT departments, the reality is that the...

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In the past I have run into situations where a project requires a chart to be “user driven” and the users have limited knowledge on how to create the charts they want. So I decided to pre-build a chart that would allow users to simply select the Dimensions and Expressions they need, which eliminated the need for them to create the charts.

In this post I have created a basic...

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We recently posted a short video on how to load data into Qlik Sense. When using the desktop version of Qlik Sense there are 3 methods that can be utilized to load data into Qlik Sense, the Self-Service Business Intelligence tool.

If you are interested in learning how to make all of your spreadsheet data come alive, check out Qlik Sense and how to quickly load the spreadsheet data into...

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One of the requirements for our Qlik Sense server setup was to create a UDC to pull in users from our LDAP source.

This being my first time creating a UDC I started by watching the YouTube video that was created by Michael Tarallo. It’s a nice simple video that explains what a UDC is and how it can be used. It also...

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