Conflict is an inevitable part of the professional environment. Some conflict is actually a good thing, but when a team faces negative conflict, the effects ripple throughout the entire organization. Additionally, employees may be facing conflict with customers or in their personal lives.

Through this course participants will learn about good and bad conflicts, and the different ways that people handle themselves when faced with conflict. They will gain the understanding that they are in control of the conflict. In fact, the solution to conflict lies with each individual and how they deal with them as they arise.

Course Topics:

  • Knowing how to be heard
  • Taking control of personal reactions
  • Understanding the different personality types
  • Understanding the different styles of conflict and how to react in each situation
  • Using questions effectively
  • Communicating with the other party
  • Choosing a solution that suits everyone
  • Having the ability to stay calm and trustworthy
  • Recognizing when things are out of hand
  • Realizing when you need to bring in someone else for mediation