At BizXcel we offer a variety of services to meet your business intelligence needs. While each service can be used individually, together they form a complete package resulting in a QlikView business discovery platform. Our data specialists will ensure you have access to quality data  when and where you need  it to make the decisions you need to for your organization.

QlikView Business Discovery Platforms

QlikView Mobile Devices

This is the big kahuna. You and your people will use to make the decisions that will lead to improved productivity, increased sales and profit margins, new markets, reduced admin and IT burdens and costs, better financial reporting and forecasting, etc.

Unlike traditional BI companies which provide stack vendor solutions which require IT to act as a gatekeeper between you and your data, leaving you to request reports every time you or an employee has an idea, problem or question they want to answer, we provide a true self-service BI experience which empowers you and drives innovative decision-making.

We know you need better, easier ways to navigate through data to find what’s relevant to you and your people, and to get answers to your specific business questions so you can make better business decisions more quickly.

When we looked for a tool to offer, we kept these things in mind. We looked for products that offered a simple, yet powerful experience.

That’s why we are proud to be QlikView Solution Provider partners.

Project Management

Without proper planning and management, even the most supported project can fall apart at the seams leaving your organization with a lack of data, poor data or inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

BizXcel has over 20 years of experience managing IT and business transformation projects, and our team includes Project Management Professionals certified by the Project Management Institute.

We make it a priority to balance your timeline, budget and project specifications. We examine all aspects of your projects, including hardware, software, and vendor and stakeholder relationships.

Our project managers will guide you through the appropriate software development cycles, prepare budget, schedule, risk management and scope plans for your project.

We identify and manage the risks to your project and meet all your quality standards so you have the data you need when you need it to make the decisions your organization requires.

Data Audits

How sure are you that your data is correct and accurate? What would it mean to your organization if you couldn’t trust the information you needed to make decisions?

Unless you have access to quality data that maintains and grows your business, what’s the point? Collecting all the data in the world won’t help you if it’s poor quality.

The ability to analyse and gain insight from your data to make decisions in various areas of your organization – marketing, purchasing, distribution, finance – and enhance overall efficiency depends on having high quality data.

Business discovery platforms and other analytical functions are useless without accurate, reliable underlying data to produce valid insights.

The only way to confidently say that what your data is telling you is correct is to have regular data audits.

A data audit is the process of going through your data checking for anomalies and errors, considering whether and how these will affect what the data is being used for by the organization and providing recommendations on what needs to be done.

Bad data may be the result of many things – staff training, applications that feed source systems (usually open text fields with no edits to ensure data meets basic standards), operational processes or due to inadequate warehouse management.

When BizXcel data specialists complete a data audit at your organization, we do a comprehensive analysis of your database, searching for inconsistencies, incomplete business data and poor integrity.

We look to see if the data is complete and unique, if any values are missing, if default values are appropriate, if there are any inconsistencies in data formats and so forth.

From there, our specialists will recommend approaches for fixing or mediating any data problems, keeping in mind the estimated costs, return on investment and the impact on your organization’s business goals.

This may include fixing the existing data in the source systems (running queries to identify bad data and update it), improving any applications so no more bad data can be entered, training users to take more care in entering data and implementing improved processes. Sometimes data quality issues are better left to be dealt with during the ETL process.

A thorough data analysis by BizXcel will ensure that your data is reliable and can be counted on to make the decisions you need to for your organization.

No second guessing required.


In order to utilize your information to the fullest, it is vital to be able to access it all together. However, the growing complexity of information systems makes this difficult – new data systems developed while old systems are maintained, the growing need for systems to be connected to vendors, partners and customers and the vast number of data storage formats, protocols and database technologies. Data integration is becoming a vital need for organizations.

More important, is ensuring that data retains its integrity so it can be used now and into the future to make the decisions your organization needs.

While analysis and discovery for the purpose of decision-making may be the most visible part of a business discovery platform, the most time consuming (and often overlooked) part is the ETL process.

In fact, up to 70-80% of a business discovery project is implementing a reliable ETL process. And for good reason, without valid data, there is no confidence in decision-making.

ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. These are the three steps in the process of moving your data from numerous locations, transforming it as needed and loading it into targeted systems, such as data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence platforms, customer relationship management systems and so on.

Poorly designed ETL processes are costly to maintain, change and update, thus it is critical to make the right choices in terms of technology and tools when developing and maintaining the processes. By doing so, you and your employees will have valid, credible and reliable data.

BizXcel data specialists are experienced in ETL processes and can ensure that all your data is transferred consistently to where it needs to be so that your organization has access to all of the data you need to make the decisions that will allow your organization to meet its goals.

In fact, we find that we can perform ETL directly into QlikView for the majority of our projects, saving time and money vs. having to use a data mart or data warehouse as an interim step.

Data Warehouses

In many cases, the data needed to make important business decisions is often scattered throughout an organization or in silos – inconsistent and unusable. Sometimes it is the result of organizational changes, acquisitions, system modernization or simply not having the right system in the first place.

When an organization uses many different versions of data and is not able to bring the data together to make decisions, they have trouble finding a complete view of their organization and struggle planning and making decisions for today and the future.

Industry leaders understand the value of accurate, timely data and thus invest in data warehouse solutions in order to generate insightful reports for evaluating market segments, productivity, profits, sales and other critical elements in order to identify opportunities or address areas of concern proactively.

Much of the time, we can complete this step directly during load into QlikView. However, when this is not possible BizXcel offers a range of services and solutions to meet your data warehousing needs, including design, development, maintenance, and project management. Our data specialists work with Oracle, MySQL, SQL, db2 and other databases. We have built enterprise solutions for insurance organizations, and statistical collection agencies.

We ensure your data warehouse is positioned to meet the changing needs of your organization.