Giving and receiving feedback are both difficult tasks. Although feedback isn’t talked about a lot, it’s an important part of a successful corporation. This course will focus on showing you how to build the understanding, commitment, and confidence needed to effectively deliver and receive feedback.

Instead of referring to feedback as “positive” or “negative”, we like to think of it as constructive. Constructive feedback is important for maintaining relationships and productivity. This course provides essential skills for the personal and professional growth and development of managers and employees alike. Constructive feedback provides new opportunities for your skills to shine.

Course Topics:

  • Step-Up Program:  Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Gaining perspective on feedback and understanding its uses
  • Identifying opportunities for feedback
  • Practicing giving and receiving feedback
  • Communicating well and building trust
  • Eliminating blind spots
  • Understanding your personal responsibility: bridging the gap