The Top Six Reasons to Invest in Stress Management

Apr 19, 2010

If you are in business, then stress is about as normal for you as paper clips and invoices. A healthy level of stress can contribute to your business, driving you and your employees and colleagues to come up with creative solutions and pushing you to meet deadlines.

Three Insider Secrets to Streamline Your Company

Apr 19, 2010

A few years ago I was asked to go into an organization that was struggling with their hiring process. They had 15 plants across North America and each one had a different method of hiring new employees and organizing their files.

My task was to review the hiring procedure from the application process to the employee file creation. I was to analyze the paperwork involved and what was being requested from the employee and see how it could be made standard in each location in order to meet compliance.

Team Meeting Rules Create Sweet Results

Apr 19, 2010

Last week we held one of our New Product Development meetings (keep an eye out for more about these exciting initiatives in future newsletters). The theme for our meeting was chewing gum. I know, odd right? But trust me, once we started with it, it stuck. :)

Before our meeting, invitations were sent out to all our employees with personalized BizXcel gum, “The Gum of Business.” On the day of the meeting, the theme continued with our rules for discussion. They were:

Getting Information From the Horse's Mouth

Apr 19, 2010

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Business Process Improvement (BPI) looks at an organization's processes and identifies areas that can be simplified and improved in order to increase productivity, reduce frustration and ultimately, increase profits.

New Branding Brings New Energy

Apr 16, 2010

Everyone likes to have a new look. It's inspiring, refreshing and brings new energy. Companies are no different. Nothing brings more excitement to a company than changing their look to prepare them for the future.

Due to our recent amalgamation with Volition Alliance Group and WoodRidge Data Solutions, we were given the opportunity to remake ourselves to incorporate the myriad of new services we are now providing. This branding included a new logo.

Improving Your Image Through E-Learning

Apr 16, 2010

Problems with using the phone? Issues with e-mail? Need to polish your professional presence? Try our three new e-learning courses to improve your communication skills and business image. Find out more below.

E-mail Etiquette


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