How to Fix a Struggling Team

Oct 29, 2013

Most of us have been on teams or in departments that are in need of repair. It happens even in the best of companies and amongst the most talented, hard-working people.

So how do you fix it?

The main thing to understand is if you’re struggling, more times than not, your primary problem is a communication issue. Strong teams communicate their needs and problems to one another and work together to fix or mediate them. Weak teams tend to pull away from one another instead of being open.

3 Habits of Successful Managers

Oct 22, 2013

Managers have the ability to make or break a company. They play a key role in employee engagement. It is through their efforts that an employee decides how much to trust an organization, how much energy to invest in their work and how committed they are to their team.

Many people will put up with a bad boss, but not many will put up with a bad manager without it seriously affecting their productivity. It is the day-to-day interactions that give the manager so much power over employee engagement and performance.

Informing Care through Data: Hospital Use of Business Intelligence

Oct 22, 2013

Sometimes it's difficult to see just how much an impact data and planned actions have on the reality of our personal and work lives.

In this video suggested to me by our VP of Sales and Marketing, Loan Duong, you'll see how data mined in meaningful ways has a significant impact on patient care, efficiency of service delivery, and general productivity at three National Health Service Trusts in the UK. 

How Do Decisions Actually Get Made?

Oct 8, 2013

Decisions get made in a lot of different ways. Sometimes we look at what the other guy is doing. Other times we do what worked well in the past. Sometimes we just do what our gut is telling us is the best decision at the time.

I think we can all agree that these aren’t the best ways to make decisions.

RIM’s Embarrassing Failure and How to Avoid It

Oct 1, 2013

There’s no doubt that the mighty giant that RIM once was is now only a shadow of its former self. Waterloo-Kitchener is now flooded with legions of ex-employees searching for work.

What went wrong? How could a company with loads of resources and talent be brought to its knees?

5 Steps to End Pointless Meetings

Sep 24, 2013

If your schedule today has a meeting in it, you’re not alone. It’s also not a surprise if you secretly (or not so secretly) think it’s a waste of time.

Most employees attend a whopping 62 meetings a month. And they consider half of those meetings wasted time, totaling 31 hours spent in unproductive meetings every month.

Almost half of people complain that meetings are the #1 time-waster at the office and feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they have to attend.

In these meetings over 90% say they spend time daydreaming.

Bring Your Parents to Work Day is Next Tuesday

Sep 17, 2013

I’ve heard a lot of things about parents’ involvement in the workplace (mostly involving millennials) over the past few years. Parents coming to job interviews, taking part in work parties and some companies are even providing information packets for employees to bring to their parents and letting them listen in on job offers.

However, I’ll admit when I saw the title of this recent article in the Canadian HR Reporter, I thought it was a joke: “1 in 3 parents don’t understand child’s job: survey”.

7 Steps to a Killer Presentation

Sep 10, 2013

We’ve all been in the audience of bad presentations – whether they’ve been in meetings, conferences or seminars. They’re excruciating to sit through. You grow bored, start to fiddle, check the time.

Most people walk away from these without retaining much or anything of what the presenter was trying to convey, rather they thank their lucky stars it’s over and they can get on with the rest of their day.

When Did We Abandon Learning?

Sep 4, 2013

Dependent on where you live, your drive into work yesterday may have been a bit longer than usual. The vast majority of schools in our area welcomed students back yesterday, heralding the return of buses to our roads.

For me, the slower commute was the least of my worries as my oldest daughter was going to school for the first time. Rather than cursing the buses, my husband and I were those crazy parents following behind it.

It was a rocky start (including one of those peel-the-crying-child-off-you moments), but she had a great day overall and was excited to return today.

5 Ways to Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Aug 26, 2013

In a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, they found that 85% of executives said that information was essential to the growth of business. However, less than half said they were actually leveraging the data they are now collecting and only 7% thought they were doing a great job using data to retain customers and create new products and services.

Can you relate?


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