#1 Reason Why You Should be Willing to Quit

Jun 11, 2013

Are you willing to quit your job?

If you answered yes – good for you!

If you answered no – then you’d be doing yourself and your company a favour if you would.

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, said he wanted all his employees to love coming into work, but be ready and willing to quit.


Because it meant they had confidence in themselves. And confident employees know what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. These are the type of employees that are going to take a company to the next level.

{Don’t} Show Me the Money! – 5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy (and Productive) that Don’t Involve Money

Jun 4, 2013

If your company is like most others right now, you’re running lean. After five years in a recessionary market, you’ve learned how to do more with less, including employees.

For companies to grow and be successful today, employee engagement is more important than ever. You need your employees to be willing to go the extra mile each and every day.

You can’t afford them to give the bare minimum or, even worse, pick up and move somewhere else leaving you with not only a loss of talent, but 50-150% cost in finding and training a replacement.

How to Play Ball with a Broken Thumb: Business Lessons from a Nine Year Old

May 27, 2013

I am the father of one particularly active 9 year old son.   His activities include hockey, baseball, soccer and on occasion football.   This keeps me quite busy at times and struggling to meet his hectic schedule. 

This spring, Fletcher decided to venture out and try his hand at hardball.  He seems to be a natural at it and enjoys practicing for hours on end.   Had he not recently broken his thumb during a rousing game of football at school, I’m sure his season would have gone quite well. 

3 Steps to Better Employee Engagement

May 13, 2013

You might think it’s your unique products, well-developed marketing campaigns or state-of-the-art facilities that make your company what it is. It’s not.

People are your competitive advantage. It is your employees’ ability to work together, to openly share their knowledge, to leverage off each other’s insights and to create something new and wonderful on an ongoing basis that makes the difference in today’s market.

Therefore, your most important job is to build a culture in which people are building and creating together.

You want me to swim WHERE? Oh, heck no!

May 3, 2013


Have you ever seen the pictures of the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls. Google it. Yes, right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

My bet is you'll have one of two responses:

“Oh, heck no!”

Tooting Your Own Horn

Apr 29, 2013


Becoming a Regular…

Most days on my commute home from work, I drive past a little restaurant along a rural stretch of highway.  It’s always packed full of vehicles, people coming and going, but yet I never felt the urge to stop.  However, that changed one night as I was returning home from work and decided that cooking supper was just not in my list of things to do for the evening.  So, it was on that evening that a hidden treasure was found!

The Three Drivers of Business Intelligence

Apr 22, 2013


Based on the number of calls and conversations we have had in the last couple of weeks with clients and prospects, organizations are really increasing their interest in Business Intelligence.  Many recognized that they have large amounts of data but they are not realizing the full value of it.  Others are further down the path of extracting information from the data and are in pursuit of dashboards.

Are you a Name Worth Dropping?

Apr 16, 2013

Recently I connected a friend’s little brother to some former colleagues of mine in Toronto. He had a few coffees, and made a few connections, which I hope will lead him to a fulfilling career in management consulting.

Ikea is a Creep!

Apr 9, 2013


When was the last time you went to Ikea without buying something?

Maybe it was just a picture frame, or tea lights, or napkins, or wooden spoons, or a throw pillow…or all of the above.

Your Self Portrait

Apr 1, 2013

Recently, our company decided it was time to refresh our professional headshots for our new website (Stay tuned! Launching soon!).

We all, one by one, trudged to our audio/video room and sat, stood, posed, and tried to look animated before the camera in pursuit of the "perfect shot".  

One of my co-workers, our Consulting Associate, posted her new pic to Facebook - and the comments began. Comments such as "Mischievious!  I see through your smooth exterior..." and "Can anyone who knows Elizabeth take this photo seriously?"  


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