The Secret to Sharing Stress With Your Coworkers - Without Being Ostracized

Jan 7, 2013

Me: “Hello. My name is Cory. And I am Gold. “

Group: “Hello Cory”

Do you feel sometimes that it’s you against the world? Or that sometimes people just don’t ‘get’ you? Do you find you’re under constant stress at work?

Do you wish you had a support group, perhaps where you could go and lament with other like-minded individuals about the things that stress you out? Sometimes we just don’t understand why ‘they’ do the things ‘they’ do. And it’s certainly different than the way we’ve been doing things!

Let the Stress Begin!!!

The Crayon Community

Dec 10, 2012

The Christmas season is fast upon us. I was out this past weekend, trying to get a start (yes, a start) on my shopping. As a parent, it’s my responsibility to ensure that Santa is made well aware of all of the Christmas lists, and to make sure he fills all of the stockings to the brim. That got me thinking of staple Christmas items that kids from generation to generation find Christmas morning when they unpack their stockings. I am sure, for one Christmas or another; we have all received a fresh new pack of crayons in our stocking.

How Community Makes Us Rich

Dec 3, 2012

Applications of the concept of “Community” span from the geographical to the professional, from the social to the sexual, from the political to the historical, and from the cultural to the hobbyist. Whether you think of your life this way or not, you belong to many different communities.

The Secret to Avoiding Conflict? Fighting Early!

Nov 26, 2012

I’ve noticed an increase in the number of requests for conflict resolution services over the past year. By the time I receive the request to get involved, it is evident – even in the way people ask me to help – how exhausting and frustrating the situation has become.

8 Essential Rules for Avoiding Conflict Online

Nov 19, 2012

You may have noticed that the world of business is operating increasingly online. Calling it an emerging trend is the understatement of the minute. I’d say of the century, but information is produced so quickly these days, I’m sure someone has already out-understatment’d me.

The Left and Right Need a Few More Colours

Nov 9, 2012

Let’s Get Political

I hate to admit I’ve never been an avid follower of political campaigns, whether it’s being held here in Canada or by our neighbours to the South. However, there was something about this last campaign that intrigued me.

4 Ways to Optimize Conflict

Nov 2, 2012

Do you feel like you are constantly butting heads with others? Are you dreading going to the next meeting because you know there will be arguments and tension in the room? Are you afraid to or avoid taking on new assignments because you know that there is no way to please everyone? Conflict can be intimidating, there’s no doubt. But conflict can also be a powerful, positive tool.

How to be a Courageous Leader: Practicing Selflessness

Oct 26, 2012

Recently, I was having a discussion with some up-and-coming young leaders about management styles. Specifically, we were talking about the difference between self-ish and self-less management.

Who are you working for?

How To Prevent “Debbie & Dan Downer” From Bringing Down Your Business

Oct 22, 2012

On a recent flight I had the opportunity to take advantage of some downtime and watch an old Saturday Night Live skit with a character named Debbie Downer, the ultimate pessimist. Perhaps you know someone in your life with this mentality. Debbie Downer (or for the men out there, Dan Downer) is the person in the group who always has something negative to say. Regardless of how good the news or outlook, there is always some negative comment that counteracts anything positive. They are the experts of taking wind out of others’ sails.

You Too Can Be Wonderful!

Oct 16, 2012

There are some high-profile leadership races happening in the world this month. Chavez and Capriles, Barack and Mitt, Justin versus Pierre’s legacy: lately, I can’t help but notice that these leadership races, more than ever, resemble the ones we had in school: hyped-up campaigns funded by popularity and persona.

It’s all about charisma these days. And increasingly, corporate leaders face similar pressure to be the “image” and not just the substance of their organizations. With this in mind, we need to investigate what makes the charismatic leadership style so powerful.


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