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Accelerating time to market responsiveness. No seatbelt necessary.

Our team developed an Insurance Template for Qlik Sense® that is being utilized by Mutual Insurance companies in Canada. This template was created as an accelerator to meet the needs of insurance companies who are seeking reporting and analytics that are not currently offered by their existing insurance systems.

Without confidence in your data, insurers often make gut-based decisions when they should be using evidence-based decisions – creating errors and issues while missing valuable opportunities. Using the Insurance Template for Qlik Sense® removes the uncertainty and allows for deeper insights quickly.

Struggling with limited visibility

We met with insurance companies to discuss the major challenges they were experiencing, and the long-term effects it would have on their business.

From information gathered through conversation, the template was built, driven by real life challenges and feedback from insurance companies to increase visibility and analysis of their own organizations.

The inability to drill down to understand their customers, products and services, and additional growth opportunities was a major hindrance to progression.

Better insights through accelerator applications

There are four applications within the insurance template.

The Governance application provides a high-level overview of key financial and insurance metrics that would be of interest to Board of Director members and executives. Application metrics, such as gross and net loss ratios, expense ratios, net income and surplus, are available for company financial health monitoring and analysis purposes. In addition, policy count changes, new/cancelled and lapsed policies, retention rates, operational and acquisition expense ratio can be monitored.

The Operations application provides the ability for management and staff to easily analyze and monitor their operations. It focuses on business retention and growth, the impacts of discounts and charges, policies in force, profitability analysis and diagnostics, and claims analysis including large loss analysis. In addition, the application has the ability to analyze claims triangles, claims severity and profitability by postal code.

The Agent and Broker Performance application focuses on metrics for monitoring and managing the performance of the sales force. This is beneficial to meet with agent or brokers regarding their performance and to send out status reports. This application also provides information to analyze agent and/or broker new endorsements and activity on files to assist in even workload distribution.

The Workflow application allows for the monitoring and planning of pending work. It provides insight into how many renewals have been processed and how many are remaining. Keeping brokers engaged and enthused is key and managing service level agreements is becoming increasingly important; having the ability to examine the process in detail and provide the sales representative or policy holder the completed change to their policy is important.


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