Municipalities are under increasing pressure to link performance measurement to strategy.  As they strive to meet institutional goals in the face of time constraints and limited resources, they must make crucial decisions for both the short and long-term.

However, for many municipalities, their information is scattered across disparate source systems, forcing people to spend too much time on manual data collection and analysis, and making it next to impossible to get a clear picture of what is going on.

For municipalities, it’s not enough to have a tool that can analyze each part of the system independently, you need a tool that can link all the different data sources together and improve your capability to make the right decisions.

Municipal dashboards provide many benefits, including: a central place for all your data, visibility into the operations of each department and an early warning system that alerts you when changes might need to be made.  Additional benefits include setting goals or targets for your town and making the job of managing much faster and easier. 

Dashboard Solutions

  • Pull data from separate systems together in one unified dashboard – no longer having data manually tracked or locked away in systems users don’t know how to access
  • Analyze employee purchasing, supplier pricing and budget execution to keep costs low for the organization and increase cost awareness throughout
  • More efficient and effective management of services
  • Decreased burden and reliance on IT staff
  • Detailed, timely follow-up capability
  • Ease-of-use enables non-technical end-users to use application after just 1 hour of training