In his best seller book, Good to Great, Jim Collins says organizations need to focus on getting the right people on the bus and then they will decide the right direction for the bus to go.

A team has been defined as “a group of people working together towards a common goal.” At BizXcel, we believe the definition of a team is “a group of people who go out of their way to make each other look good.” It takes people to carry the charge for your organization; individuals who are fully prepared to be both responsive and responsible to meeting both the needs of your clients and your organization.

It is vital that the people in your organization be fully engaged. This means not only engaged with the mission, goals and direction, but also enabled with the proper tools, resources, skills, knowledge and training, and energized through a healthy corporate culture, team environment and personal development. People need to be competent, committed and confident enough to develop and implement the necessary goals.

When we are removing distractions in the People area of organizations, we are generally looking at sustainable employee engagement. We consult and implement solutions that create the right working environments and cultures so that employees have the confidence to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and organizations have the direction and clarity they need to succeed. Organizations with engaged employees outperform others by 202%.

Highly engaged employees are 50% more likely to outperform expectations, have a 49% lower turnover, 37% lower absenteeism, 16% higher profitability and are 18% more productive.

Unfortunately, right now about 65% of employees are disengaged in organizations like yours. This lack of engagement costs organizations in many ways - $300 billion alone in lost productivity and $11 billion in employee turnover.

With employment costs representing anything up to 70% of an organization’s cost base, organizations can’t afford to not have employees engaged, enabled and energized.

The sustainable employee engagement model focuses on three factors:

Traditional Engagement

Employees understand and believe in organizational goals and objectives. They have an emotional connection (often pride) with the organization and are willing to give extra effort.

A recent study by Canadian Management Centre partnered with Ipsos Reid found that currently 61% of employees do not trust senior leadership, making it very difficult to motivate employees to go the extra mile.

 Engagement Services:


Enablement is ensuring employees skills are matched to their tasks, and their abilities are being used optimally. Enabled employees also have access to the resources they need, including information, technology, tools and equipment, training and financial support.

Lacking these, even traditionally engaged employees will become frustrated and be at risk of tuning out, leaving or burning out.

This support is a much stronger predictor of performance. It is important for leaders to understand that a lack of support is a significant business issue which needs to be addressed and monitored on a consistent basis.

These are workers who want to make a difference, but simply don’t have the assistance, resources or tools to do so. 

 Enablement Services:


The organization creates an environment that focuses on the physical, emotional and social well-being of employees where they feel cared about as individuals.

A culture that ensures employees have good working relationships, feel they are cared for as individuals and addresses the health and safety issues of employees is one that will see higher levels of retention and productivity.

Simply questioning whether the stress in your workplace is positive or negative or whether employees are excited and invigorated to come to work are good indictors of energy levels.

Employees engaged to this degree will tolerate longer work days, commutes and higher workloads.

Currently, 56% of workers are either completely overwhelmed or barely meeting their deadlines.

Energy Services:

When the right people are in the right positions and have the right tools and environment to work in, performance is easy to achieve. 

Don't Know Where Your Problem Lies?

You may think you know what your company’s opportunities and weaknesses are. However, without an overall picture of the situation, you may be treating symptoms rather than addressing the root of the problem.

It’s easy to be distracted by competing priorities. But it’s essential for organizations and their leaders to have a clear understanding of what matters to employees, and why and how that affects their productivity and behavior on the job. Without that insight, creating the conditions that shape a healthy work experience and promote sustainable engagement is almost impossible.

Our employee engagement survey will allow you to address specific areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Because our survey covers all three aspects of employee engagement – engagement, enablement and energy – it allows organizations to understand the root causes behind changes in employee behaviors or performance, and more accurately pinpoint the practices or interventions needed to improve engagement levels.

We ask questions focused on the top five drivers of sustainable engagement: leadership; stress, balance and workload; goals and objectives; managers/supervisors; and the organization’s image.

Survey topics include:

  • Working Environment
  • Communication  
  • Team Dynamics
  •  Supervisors
  • Training and Development
  • Customer Service 
  •  Leadership
  •  Innovation
  • Motivation
  •  Job Satisfaction

The survey is web-based and 100% anonymous, ensuring your employees feel safe and comfortable providing their true thoughts and feelings.

The results are yours to use however you’d like. We will provide recommendations, which you can choose to implement in-house, with another business consulting company or we can offer you our services.

Contact us today to access your own free employee engagement survey.