Don’t let your emotional staff get under the skin of your conservative thinkers, your analysts offend your nurturers, or your larger-than-life personalities tick off your head-down-get-‘er-done types. Each personality type has its own benefits, and you can finally show your team how to thrive when not everyone functions the same way.

This course will allow you to finally understand why Bob would rather put his to-do list on a post-it rather than on his computer. Each choice your staff makes is based on their personality choice. In a workplace with four different types of personalities, no wonder you see so much clashing and disagreeing. But with a simple understanding of what personality type each person brings, your team will finally be able to understand and work with their polar opposites.

Warning: This course will have your team walking around the office guessing personalities and finally understanding why Mr. Green doesn’t want to talk while he’s working.

Personality Dimensions will:

  • Build more cohesive teams
  • Bridge gaps created by misunderstandings in the office
  • Help you recognize the strengths of your employees and maximize their potential
  • Create a more effective work environment
  • Positively influence relationships and productivity