Smarter, fickle and more demanding consumers are the reality for retail and wholesale industries. In a market that is increasingly fragmented and fragile with increasing operational costs, unpredictable external market conditions and intense competitive pressures, remaining competitive is a necessity. Retailers need data in order to continually come up with ways to increase revenue, diversify into new markets and keep inventory costs under control. Now, more than ever it is important to empower users to make confident decisions – from those buying products, negotiating margins, determining product launches, designing offers and allocating labour – to ensure the right product, at the right time, to the right audience.

Dashboard Solutions

  • Deliver regular reports with information on individual areas of the business as well as the business as a whole, including finance, operations, sales, marketing, merchandising, customer management and supply chain to identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities
  • Improve budgeting, forecasting and tracking accuracy of sales
  • Gain better insight into customer buying patterns, product performance and campaign effectiveness
  • Quickly identify cross- and up-selling potential
  • Segment and identify profitable target markets and customers before the competition
  • Create compelling and effective product offers and design campaigns and promotions that attract and retain customers and increase sales
  • More accurately align product forecasting, planning, allocation and replenishment activities
  • Gain a better understanding of product performance and sell-through rates
  • Reduce operating costs and improve profit and loss performance in store and channel operations
  • Identify avenues to improve the efficiency of warehousing, distribution and logistics processes and minimize supply chain expenses

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