When Gary Gzik steps on stage, you can’t help but be drawn to his upbeat, person-centered style.

Through stories, humour, and pure energy, Gary weaves together his experience and his knowledge to create a dynamic interaction between presenter and audience.

Gary always succeeds in transmitting his passion and uninhibited enthusiasm to his audience. He can inspire and motivate any group, of any size by engaging them with activities, personal stories, and down-to-earth solutions for their personal or professional challenges.

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Gary Gzik, Chief Executive Officer


Generating Greatness by inspiring people, creating innovative solutions, and fostering dynamic organizations

Gary Gzik is an international presenter, corporate trainer, management consultant, author, and all-around enthusiastic guy who has been inspiring people and organizations for over 28 years.

Gary began his career with the world’s largest training organization and ventured into entrepreneurship in 1987. The decision to be an entrepreneur came from his belief that every person and organization is unique, and therefore the solution must also be unique. This philosophy has gained him a solid reputation for producing great results.

As CEO of BizXcel Inc., an organizational development and management consulting firm, Gary has worked with hundreds of organizations and over 10,000 individuals through his training and consulting work in the areas of: leadership development, team building, personal development, conflict resolution, train the trainer models, effective communication skills, strategic planning and customer service improvement.

Gary has an international reputation as an engaging keynote speaker and an exceptional motivational speaker. He is renowned as a dynamic, corporate soft-skills trainer, which allows organizations to capitalize on this dual-talent and increase value in every presentation.

Gary is equally at home while delivering a keynote speech to 1500, leading a training seminar for 20 people or simply providing one-on-one management consulting. He awakens thoughts that motivate people to change the way they look at their lives and the way they do their work.


Gary can talk about anything – really, anything! Gary is renowned for being a dynamic, corporate soft-skills trainer, an engaging keynote speaker and an exceptional motivational speaker. Plus, this combination comes packed with a lot of pizzazz!

Gary believes that every organization is unique, and therefore every presentation must be unique. He prides himself on being adaptable, although we can’t call him a chameleon because he’s not one for “blending in”!

Gary speaks with his clients before every presentation to meet their unique needs. This rare combination of talents, and careful attention to client needs, has meant that organizations engage Gary again and again to continue to inspire and create change in their stakeholders. 

Gary’s presentation can focus on leadership, customer service, conflict resolution, motivation, personal development, professional development, communication, health and wellness, time management, and so much more.

Gary’s current programs include (but are never limited to):

  • Putting the “I” Back in Team: Despite what you’ve been told, there IS an “I” in team!
  • Building the Leader in You: Put your best foot forward at work and at home by taking charge of yourself first.
  • The Power of RE: Harness the power inside you to create a happier, more fulfilling life. More info here.
  • The Orange Popsicle: Learn influential tips that will inspire you to change your life. More info here.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Are you creating “raving fans” out of your customers?
  • Time Mastery: One of your most valuable assets is time – are you making the most of it?
  • Increasing Resiliency: Achieving the bounce-back ability that will keep you moving forward even in the face of challenges.
  • Whatever you need! Gary can create something custom just for you, to meet your unique needs.


The Orange Popsicle

Don’t let it melt away!

In The Orange Popsicle, author Gary Gzik shows you how to recapture those childhood days when life was untainted by fear, boredom and routine. With compelling insights and thought-provoking anecdotes, Gzik reveals how to take the chore out of living and remove the mental blocks stopping you from embracing a life of enjoyment, happiness and fulfillment.

Page after page you will learn the vital skills necessary to turn fear into confidence, incite motivation, recapture your passion, and learn the value of gratitude and the power of a positive attitude.

A book that will sweep you along, tickle your mind, and stir your emotions.

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The Power of RE

Is there a little voice inside you that keeps whispering that there is more in life for you? Do you feel like you aren’t meeting your full potential?

In The Power of RE, author Gary Gzik shows you how to harness the power hidden inside you to create a happier, more fulfilling life. Each chapter provides vital information for crafting a new you, such as building resilience, boosting confidence, regaining balance, and reclaiming control.

This blueprint for self-realization will teach you how to reimagine your life on your own terms and become more energized and able to reach your goals through personal investments.

This is definitely a book that will make you love the person you see in the mirror.

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Testimonials from Workshops and Keynotes:

“As always, Gary is inspiring, affirms the abilities of others, and encourages positively.”
Janine Mitchell

“Gary’s workshop makes solutions to difficult transitions obvious, and makes the obvious fun! Thanks Gary!”
Tracey Cooper

“This was an eye-opening workshop!”
Jenna Sweeting

“Kept my attention the whole presentation; interesting, motivational, and inspirational.”
Marcia Botelho

“I feel ready to start looking for true happiness.”
Kelly Stanley

“Excellent presentation. Open’s up one’s mind.”
Ed Hall

“Awesome, motivating, clear – well worth the time.”
Sherri Meneely


Talking to Gary is always enjoyable. You can reach him at:
613-342-2200 extension 108