When is Efficient, Efficient Enough?

Apr 25, 2015

I had a conversation this week with a colleague about efficiency.  We were trying to determine how to decide when efficient was efficient enough.  The question was if you are at 99% efficiency, is that good enough and there is no sense exploring the remaining 1%?

On the surface this sounds pretty reasonable and there are likely better places to put effort and spend money rather than trying to close the gap on the remaining 1%.  But I had a different opinion.

5 Tips To Help You Achieve a Consistent BI Application Design

Aug 19, 2014

When building QlikView applications a great deal of time is often spent on data, data quality and data validation. An equal or greater amount of time should also be spent on the design and presentation of your application. After all, what good is all that data if the users don’t know how to interpret it or have problems navigating through it? Data and design must work together to form a user friendly, easy to use, accurate and consistent set of documents, sheets and objects.

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