Conflict Resolution

How to Tear Down Silos in Your Organization

Nov 11, 2013

As an organization grows, there’s a natural tendency to group people with the same tasks and function together as teams. With time, these teams become departments – marketing, sales, finance, HR, IT, etc.

While it makes sense to group these people together under a leader, what tends to develop in most organizations is silos.

Leaders and the people below them pull inward and become self-serving; looking out for their own needs first.

How to Fix a Struggling Team

Oct 29, 2013

Most of us have been on teams or in departments that are in need of repair. It happens even in the best of companies and amongst the most talented, hard-working people.

So how do you fix it?

The main thing to understand is if you’re struggling, more times than not, your primary problem is a communication issue. Strong teams communicate their needs and problems to one another and work together to fix or mediate them. Weak teams tend to pull away from one another instead of being open.

Conflict: Friend or Foe?

May 28, 2012

Conflict in our homes and the workplace is a fact of life. It doesn’t matter where you try to run and hide from it, conflict will always find you. We have seen all perspectives of conflict in one situation or another, whether it resulted from individuals with different interests or goals or differing personalities. All situations resulting in conflict may portray a negative outlook on this topic but it is important to realize conflict can come in many forms, both good and bad.

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