Do Your People Own Your Organization?

Aug 1, 2014

Seth Godin wrote an interesting post about building tribes, communities and organizations that people feel are worth taking care of and worth fighting for. He says one of the key aspects of that is making people feel like they belong.

Godin says that people need to feel an ownership towards something before they will put their time and effort into maintaining it and working to make it grow.

4 Ways to Get People to Listen

Jun 13, 2014

We all have times when it feels like we are talking to a brick wall at work. We can tell that people see us, but it feels like no one is listening to what we are saying.

Often it’s not the listening part that’s the trouble, it’s the understanding part. People hear what we are saying, but they are choosing not to understand and care.

How do you get them to understand? Turns out that it’s merely a matter of common sense.


7 Reasons Why Excel is No Longer Good Enough

Mar 24, 2014

It’s inexpensive, easy to learn, easy to use and on practically every employee’s PC in the world.

People can use it for everything from simple charts and reports to querying remote databases, generating complex models and planning scenarios to even creating complex budgets, forecasts and operational reports.

For $200 a pop, Excel seems like a dream tool for organizations. And many treat it that way – running large areas of their organizations on a tool that first came out almost three decades ago.

5 Signs Your Mission Statement Sucks & What to do About It

Mar 18, 2014

A mission statement can be a great asset to your organization. When created with thought and skill, it can motivate you and your team towards a common goal and quickly tell clients why they should pay attention to you.

Most organizations realize that they should have a mission statement, mainly because everyone else does. However, a lot don’t realize why it is so important and how they should create it.

3 Things that Motivate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

Mar 4, 2014

It’s no secret what separates average organizations from high-performing extraordinary ones in today’s economy. Highly committed and engaged employees who believe in their organization’s mission and goals and are willing to go above and beyond to achieve them are the secret sauce that sets organizations apart.

Not only do engaged employees contribute to the success of the organization, but they also find great satisfaction in their work.

So how do you build a workforce of engaged employees? What motivates employees to go the extra distance?

3 Ways to Not Waste Money on Data

Feb 25, 2014

It’s clear that data is the way of the future. If you’re looking to grow and prosper, evidence-based decision-making is going to play in integral role in your business.

So if you’re like many organizations, you’ve invested in data – databases, systems, analysts, etc. Sometimes it may even be hard to see that investment at times. It may not be showing up on your expenses like your computers and office furniture, but if you have data in your organization right now, time and effort have gone in to getting it.


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