When Did We Abandon Learning?

Sep 4, 2013

Dependent on where you live, your drive into work yesterday may have been a bit longer than usual. The vast majority of schools in our area welcomed students back yesterday, heralding the return of buses to our roads.

For me, the slower commute was the least of my worries as my oldest daughter was going to school for the first time. Rather than cursing the buses, my husband and I were those crazy parents following behind it.

It was a rocky start (including one of those peel-the-crying-child-off-you moments), but she had a great day overall and was excited to return today.

mLearning vs eLearning

Apr 23, 2012

It is unbelievable to think how much can change in a year, or even a few months, thanks to the growth of the electronics industry. Our personal access to knowledge and information is ever transforming to make it easier for us to get data we need quickly and efficiently so we can spew it back up at the next person we see, making it seem like we know what we’re talking about.

5 Reasons to Add a Facilitator to E-Learning

Mar 26, 2012

Are you looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of e-learning; consider adding a facilitator to your program. That’s right, a facilitator for e-learning. Why would we want to introduce a facilitator into e-learning? E-learning is designed to allow individuals to take courses on their schedule. It is a way to reach large numbers of people quickly and cost effectively, so why insert a facilitator into it. Wouldn’t that just undo all of the benefits?

3 Times E-Learning Makes Sense

Feb 27, 2012

There is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of e-learning and whether or not it is being over used. When I speak of e-learning, I'm referring to traditional e-learning where all of the materials are online and the student goes through the material at their pace. Based on my experience and what I read, there isn't any clear black and white answer on whether it is being over used or effective, which makes it confusing and difficult for those that are looking to use e-learning for the first time to make a decision.

WHMIS: Four Impacts to Your Success

Feb 27, 2012

We should all be aware of what WHMIS is, but for those of you that are out of the Government Compliance loop, WHMIS is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System which is a mandatory provincial legislation that is designed to provide workers, employers, suppliers, contractors and the general public with fixed standards of the necessary information needed to reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses that may be persistent while handling hazardous substances.

For Better or for Worse?

Jun 27, 2011

Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s the 21st century and technology is booming, especially e-learning, are you in the loop about this hot learning trend?

According to Wikipedia the definition for E-Learning is the use of any type of technology that explores several different learning styles. It is education via the internet, network or standalone computer. E-learning is the use of electronic applications and processes to enhance the learning experience. You will be sure not to fall asleep in this virtual classroom.

Speak Up! Why Your Voice Matters

Oct 29, 2010

This past week we had our municipal elections. In the weeks leading up to it there was a flurry of campaign visits, signs, talks, articles and so forth. However, when the day finally arrived, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t vote. Why? While it’s no excuse, my husband and I live in a small town where the same ideas have reigned for decades and I didn’t really think my vote was going to change anything.

Using Technology to Enhance Services

May 3, 2010

At BizXcel, we think that you can teach old dogs new tricks. We are always venturing into new territories in order to serve you better. One of these areas is the training and coaching services we offer.

Traditionally, this is a very personal service that has lended itself well to face-to-face interaction. While this is usually the best way to coach or train, with companies becoming more globally dispersed and travel costs increasing, it is making it more difficult for them to access the training and coaching they need.


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