Effective Presentations

How to Present Data So People Take Action

Oct 30, 2014

How many stories do you remember from your childhood? I bet you can think of at least a dozen off the top of your head. And I bet you can tell me the specifics of each of those stories. 

Now how many reports and presentations can you remember from the last year at work? You probably couldn’t tell me the specifics of even one. 

Why is it that you can remember details from stories you haven’t heard in years and years, but not information that was presented to you just weeks or months previously?

7 Steps to a Killer Presentation

Sep 10, 2013

We’ve all been in the audience of bad presentations – whether they’ve been in meetings, conferences or seminars. They’re excruciating to sit through. You grow bored, start to fiddle, check the time.

Most people walk away from these without retaining much or anything of what the presenter was trying to convey, rather they thank their lucky stars it’s over and they can get on with the rest of their day.

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