But How Do You Really Feel? Emotions at Work

Nov 20, 2014

“But how am I supposed to know what they want if they don’t tell me how they feel?”

This was the question I was asked during a coaching session with a supervisor the other day. She had received good marks on her feedback survey from her staff, but like most managers, there were a few areas that could use improvement. 

The difficult part was, there were no comments from any of her staff members, and the numbers alone could not tell the story of what she needed to do in order to improve.

Welcome to the Participation Age

Nov 13, 2014

We’ve always believed strongly that people are the competitive advantage of organizations today. Not just bodies through the doors though, but rather people who believe in the work they are doing and find meaning in it; people who are enabled to learn and grow both professionally and personally; people who feel like they have a voice at their organization and control over their work.

Businessmen running on machine cogs

Trust – Just How Important is it in a Workplace?

Jul 22, 2014

Trust. Like honesty, integrity, and respect, it’s a word we often throw around, but it carries some heavy weight. Trust is something we don’t take lightly. We wouldn’t go to a doctor we didn’t trust, we switch mechanics when we lose trust and relationships fall apart when it’s lacking, however, when it comes to the workplace it would seem that we tolerate a surprising level of distrust.

Child trusts father while riding bike

The Most Powerful Person in Your Organization (and it’s not your CEO)

Feb 18, 2014

You might think it is your senior leaders who matter the most in your organization; the ones planning the future and making the big strategic decisions to move everyone in the right direction.

However, senior leadership matters very little when compared with the really important people in your organization.

These people will make or break the success of your organization. They will drive high levels of productivity or cause it to plummet; they will inspire employees to go above and beyond what’s asked of them or cause continual turnover, bleeding an organization of talent.

3 Habits of Successful Managers

Oct 22, 2013

Managers have the ability to make or break a company. They play a key role in employee engagement. It is through their efforts that an employee decides how much to trust an organization, how much energy to invest in their work and how committed they are to their team.

Many people will put up with a bad boss, but not many will put up with a bad manager without it seriously affecting their productivity. It is the day-to-day interactions that give the manager so much power over employee engagement and performance.

Are Your Managers Telling the Right Story?

Aug 13, 2013

Evidence-based decision making is the future of growing organizations. The ability to confidently guide the direction of your organization by being able to measure and know fundamentally more about it will be the trademark of future success stories. And all because of data.

Big data can improve predictions, drive sales, cut costs, streamline processes, uncover new markets, increase performance and lead to better customer service.

Organizations with managers who act on better logic and evidence will supersede the competition.

Leadership is Dead – Here’s What’s Next

Jun 28, 2013

Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit. However, it is true that leaders are falling back into the shadows of the business world. They are no longer the saviours they once were.

While not disappearing entirely, someone else is stepping forward who will have a bigger, better impact on organizations.

Who is this?


I hear you now, “Managers?! Are you kidding? A manager is nothing new and what makes them better than leaders?”

It’s true – managers are nothing new. But hey, everything old is new again right?

I’m talking about the Manager 2.0.

Taking out the Trash: Whose job is it and why aren't they doing it?

Mar 18, 2013

At the risk of sounding a bit too personal, why is it so hard to take out the garbage, put away your boots, or for that matter, refill the toilet paper holder?

This isn’t actually a personal question. It’s a general observation about life. I think a lot of people can relate to a situation where little, easy chores like these often get overlooked or ignored until the situation becomes dire.

Why do we sometimes ignore the little things until the big things get out of hand?

As a consultant, I don’t nag: I map processes.

Are you driving the right car for your business?

Mar 4, 2013

Glitz and Glamour

This past weekend, I took my son to the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

As an avid car buff, I was looking forward to checking out the latest models and all of the up and coming prototypes. I figured my son would be less enthusiastic than I was. Once we got there however, he was hopping in and out of cars…running from here to there…and looking for all of the free merchandise.


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