Performance by the numbers

Mar 28, 2016

Car in motion

Wouldn’t you like to increase the performance of your organization?  You likely realize that there are areas for improvement in your processes and/or people that would lead to better performance.  But do you really know how to achieve it?  Our belief is that every organization has great potential and the performance they are currently achieving is a factor of that potential less the impact of distractions.  

Do you have a data-driven culture? 7 things to consider...

Mar 7, 2016

Analytics Team Meeting

Today, our business disruptions are higher than ever. Organizations are facing a constant battle for continued success and survival. One of the biggest battles is knowing how far your company is willing to go to get those data insights. 

We can no longer accept mediocrity in today’s business world, we cannot wait for the data to find us. We need to accept the intuitive data, the non-intuitive data and embrace it as a learning experience.

5 Step to Creating Custom Key Performance Indicators

Jul 15, 2015

In order to create custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and their supporting indicators you have to plan on where you want to take your organization.  You need to look at where you have been, what your strategic objectives are and how you measure success of those objectives.   AND you have to have a clear understanding of the milestones that you must achieve on the way to those successes.

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