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Company Gains Competitive Edge with Corporate Culture: A Case Study

Feb 4, 2014

Your most important asset is building a culture in which people have the ability to work together, openly share their knowledge and leverage off each other’s insights to create something new and wonderful on an ongoing basis.

Farmers’ Mutual was the largest mutual insurance company in Ontario with 48 brokers representing 80 offices when they contacted BizXcel. They had a staff of 75 employees, most of which had been with the company for many years. They were in the process of moving into a new state-of-the-art facility.

Do You Work with Chimpanzees?

Aug 13, 2013

At times when at work, do you find yourself thinking you’re in the middle of a zoo? Perhaps your fellow employees are taking on traits more associated with their distant primate relatives? It might be because you are experiencing a particularly busy time in your industry. Or you are experiencing and trying to support growth in your organization. How you and others handle and react to situations may seem chaotic at first, but you and your organization can learn to adapt. 

How to Play Ball with a Broken Thumb: Business Lessons from a Nine Year Old

May 27, 2013

I am the father of one particularly active 9 year old son.   His activities include hockey, baseball, soccer and on occasion football.   This keeps me quite busy at times and struggling to meet his hectic schedule. 

This spring, Fletcher decided to venture out and try his hand at hardball.  He seems to be a natural at it and enjoys practicing for hours on end.   Had he not recently broken his thumb during a rousing game of football at school, I’m sure his season would have gone quite well. 

Your Self Portrait

Apr 1, 2013

Recently, our company decided it was time to refresh our professional headshots for our new website (Stay tuned! Launching soon!).

We all, one by one, trudged to our audio/video room and sat, stood, posed, and tried to look animated before the camera in pursuit of the "perfect shot".  

One of my co-workers, our Consulting Associate, posted her new pic to Facebook - and the comments began. Comments such as "Mischievious!  I see through your smooth exterior..." and "Can anyone who knows Elizabeth take this photo seriously?"  

The Secret to Sharing Stress With Your Coworkers - Without Being Ostracized

Jan 7, 2013

Me: “Hello. My name is Cory. And I am Gold. “

Group: “Hello Cory”

Do you feel sometimes that it’s you against the world? Or that sometimes people just don’t ‘get’ you? Do you find you’re under constant stress at work?

Do you wish you had a support group, perhaps where you could go and lament with other like-minded individuals about the things that stress you out? Sometimes we just don’t understand why ‘they’ do the things ‘they’ do. And it’s certainly different than the way we’ve been doing things!

Let the Stress Begin!!!

The Crayon Community

Dec 10, 2012

The Christmas season is fast upon us. I was out this past weekend, trying to get a start (yes, a start) on my shopping. As a parent, it’s my responsibility to ensure that Santa is made well aware of all of the Christmas lists, and to make sure he fills all of the stockings to the brim. That got me thinking of staple Christmas items that kids from generation to generation find Christmas morning when they unpack their stockings. I am sure, for one Christmas or another; we have all received a fresh new pack of crayons in our stocking.

Organizing By Colour - How You Deal Differently with Different Colours

May 4, 2010

As I was checking my inbox this morning, I was going through my neat little categorize button and assigning colours to different emails. Orange, Blue, Gold, Green, you get the idea. As I assign each of them a colour, I am telling myself that each email needs to be addressed in a different way, and labelling them helps me do this.

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