Is Your Company Disadvantaged?

Oct 21, 2015

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Most companies collect mountains of data, with some not even realizing how much they really have.  The challenge for most is to turn this valuable asset into something that generates dollars.  Some companies sell their data or subsets of the data but for most of us, this is not an option.   So how do we leverage this very real asset?

Dynamic User Built Charts

Mar 8, 2015

In the past I have run into situations where a project requires a chart to be “user driven” and the users have limited knowledge on how to create the charts they want. So I decided to pre-build a chart that would allow users to simply select the Dimensions and Expressions they need, which eliminated the need for them to create the charts.

In this post I have created a basic example of how some simple Inline tables and conditional chart logic can help you achieve a custom user driven chart.

Setting up a Generic LDAP User Directory Connector (UDC)

Jan 29, 2015

One of the requirements for our Qlik Sense server setup was to create a UDC to pull in users from our LDAP source.

This being my first time creating a UDC I started by watching the YouTube video that was created by Michael Tarallo. It’s a nice simple video that explains what a UDC is and how it can be used. It also shows how to create a few sample connectors.

Qlik Sense Server Installation

Jan 29, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to install a basic version of the Qlik Sense server platform for the first time. This particular installation was setup as a single Qlik Sense node environment with all services installed on the same machine. Overall I found the installation fairly straightforward and I only ran into 1 issue, which was entirely my own fault and could have been avoided with a bit of double checking.

Connecting to Web Services With Qlikview

Jan 18, 2015

Over the past while I have been on a bit of a Web Services kick with Qlikview. Unfortunately for me the software’s standard GET connection didn’t really allow me to return much data directly into Qlikview.   I was running across a couple of different issues…either the Web Service returned JSON or it required a POST command.   As Qlikview does not support these types of services, I had to do some home brewing to get them to work in Qlikview. After some thought and some time,  I have created a Java framework that can be customized by anyone who needs it.

6 Reasons Why Qlik Sense Makes Sense

Nov 25, 2014

Qlik has recently launched a second Business Intelligence tool, Qlik Sense, to complement its already award winning QlikView tool. Some might ask why they would do this. Qlik Sense brings Business Intelligence to groups that have been asking for more access but may struggle with more traditional tools. There are many users that are looking to do more for themselves and need a self-serve business intelligence platform that is accommodating of this.

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