5 Barriers That Are Holding Your Business Intelligence Back

Aug 27, 2014

Are you getting the most out of your investment in business intelligence? A common misconception in the corporate world is that to increase the value of your business intelligence efforts, you just need to throw more data at it.

Purchasing data, tying it to big data, doing more analysis – these are all strategies that are often deployed. However, if you are not maximizing what you have and don’t have a solid system in place, you may actually degrade the value through confusion and inconclusive or conflicting findings.

5 Tips To Help You Achieve a Consistent BI Application Design

Aug 19, 2014

When building QlikView applications a great deal of time is often spent on data, data quality and data validation. An equal or greater amount of time should also be spent on the design and presentation of your application. After all, what good is all that data if the users don’t know how to interpret it or have problems navigating through it? Data and design must work together to form a user friendly, easy to use, accurate and consistent set of documents, sheets and objects.

Should You Have to Settle for Static Reports?

Aug 8, 2014

If you are like most of us, traditional reporting has never given you everything you want and need. More often than not, the reports answer some of your questions, but once you’ve reviewed them, you have even more questions.

Traditional reporting is designed for one purpose and once it’s fulfilled, that particular report adds no further value. In today’s constantly changing and evolving business world that just doesn’t work. Business is not static, so why is it that you have to settle for static reports and information?

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