Providing storage and transportation for goods involves managing both assets and information and accounts for around 30% of the cost of manufactured goods. 

Transportation and logistics covers the physical movement of manufactured goods from one location or facility to another – or between suppliers and customers. It is a complex activity that increasingly crosses country borders and requires careful management to control costs and achieve on-time delivery. Logistics management focuses on making all movement efficient. 

Transportation management focuses on selecting carriers or transportation methods to increase efficiency and capacity utilization. International trading requires the creation and management of paperwork to move materials and finished goods between country borders. An effective returns network is critical in ensuring provision for checks on warranties or other contracts with the customer, placing the returned products in a location for testing, evaluation and rework or disposal.

Dashboard Solutions

  • Access timely, accurate and consistent data from multiple sources to understand and manage performance
  • Provide comprehensive insight into costs, inventory and bottlenecks, enabling management decisions and action to drive efficiency
  • Gain visibility on transport constraints with the ability to analyze large volumes of data across transport, warehouses, route planning, vehicle load and related issues
  • Leverage secure mobile access to stay fully informed and make decisions on-the-go