Business intelligence platforms with their real-time dashboard displays are quickly becoming the new norm for organizations. And no surprise, the benefits are numerous:

1. Visibility: Allow you to know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of business (or predefined KPI’s) which enables you to better manage it.

2. Ongoing improvements: Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Self-service BI platforms allow you to measure performance on KPI’s to improve it.

3. Time saving: Many business people spend countless hours logging into business systems and running reports. A platform that incorporates them all onto one dashboard saves precious time. You can pull all information into one place so you don’t have to log into multiple systems.

4. Real-time: Always shows the latest results from each report you need.

5. Single version of the truth: Everyone is on the same page, working from the same information. This ensures there’s no confusion or misunderstanding and allows people to collaborate, share, etc.

6. Judge performance against plan: Most organizations spend countless hours creating well-crafted plans for their growth, however, they neglect the second part of planning – ensuring actions are leading to results. Self-service dashboards allow you and others to easily make sure you’re performing to the plan’s expectations

However, choosing the right BI solution for your organization is far harder than just putting data and a dashboard together. Billions have been spent on BI products in the last decade with many failing to provide what they promised.

Businesses are changing rapidly and BI solutions must adapt. Solutions built several years ago are likely failing businesses today.

It’s a big decision and one you don’t want to make the wrong decision about.

At BizXcel, we’ve spent years working with clients to provide solutions that work the way their people do and are directly connected to the goals of the organization.

Not only do we have an extensive background in the various areas of BI deployments, but are skilled in working with organizations to get to the root of their needs and ensure their solution fits in with the way they do business and has a high adoption rate.

The Best Tools for the Job

Because of this, we’ve chosen to work with one of the best ranked tools in the industry right now –QlikView – which provides high levels of usability, adaptability, capability, and manageability for organizations.

QlikView overcomes the limitations of traditional business intelligence. There is no longer a disconnect between BI and business analytics. You can jump in and start analyzing your data yourself without having to wait for IT to run complex reports.

You are no longer limited to predefined paths you must follow, or questions that need to be formulated ahead of time, possibly causing you to miss out on crucial associations and insights.

You are free to ask and explore any way you want to – up, down and sideways if need be, allowing you to do your job smarter and faster than ever before and discover new insights and solutions to problems. Not to mention that you can share insights and collaborate on findings.

Easily scalable, it is suitable for everyone.

We also understand that often one of the big reasons BI solutions miss the mark is the long implementation times it takes for some of them to get up and running. With QlikView, our team can have you working with a solution in as little as weeks. 

Want to try QlikView out for yourself, click here.