At BizXcel, we know that the most effective approach to data analytics rarely starts with the data and dashboards, but rather by identifying business problems or opportunities and determining how you can use data and tools to improve performance.

Equally as important as having good data and tools, is knowing the questions to ask in the beginning in order to collect the right information and present it in a way that people understand and can take action on.

Your decision should be based on evidence. Interweaving data to decisions is a crucial step.

Data gives you the "what", but it is you and your people that need to provide the "why" and "how".

Why are you collecting data? What decisions will it be used to make?
Why are those decisions important to your organization? How will the right data help you?

When BizXcel works with your organization to set up or improve your data analytics, our specialists can be there to ensure the data you are collecting are relevant to the day-to-day processes and decision-making practices of your organization.

Our specialists show you how to ask simple questions in order to identify your organization's key performance indicators and metrics. We help you isolate specific business problems you want to solve or opportunities you want to exploit before moving forward with the gathering of data.

 Then our business analytics specialists can set up data collection and analytics that are streamlined to look for the information that can be used to predict and optimize solutions.

Without effectively capturing key requirements for each set of users, you risk losing the buy-in from these end users. Some users may need a different dashboard against the same data to provide them with what they need to make split second evidence-based decisions. With QlikView it is easy and economical to satisfy all of the different users in your organizations. Self-service BI allows them to leverage teh data and tool to maximize performance.

Solutions that Fit in With How You Do Business

We also ensure the procedures for analyzing the data for decision-making are clear, simple and fit easily into the daily processes of those who need to use them.

It is our goal that not only will the data answer the questions important to your organization, but that the processes for using that information to make decisions through the analytics tools will fall naturally into the fabric of daily operations and not be seen as burdensome, frustrating or extra work to utilize. The last thing you want is to spend time and money on a tool that no one uses.

The lack of adoption of business intelligence, including dashboards is notorious. If you and your people aren’t happy with their experience using the data then it’s no good.

So we focus on making sure your people are confident in the quality of the data.

We make sure data processes fit into the way you do business.

Providing You with More Than Just Flashy Tools

And we give you the right tools. Ones that are easy to use, allow you and your people to share, collaborate, explore and, dare we say it, are cool and fun to use. We make certain the tools and results are always complementary to existing business solutions. And that there is a seamless integration of data into your organization with no added complexity to operations.

We aren’t about just giving you a flashy dashboard that’s benefits are only skin deep. We give you system with substance – a system that is usable, adaptable, reliable, capable and manageable.

We focus on making sure your dashboard highlights the right information to the right people, in a way that they can understand and take action on.

Setting You Up for the Future

One of the reasons we work with QlikView as our tool of choice is because it is very easy for new users to get started on. It is intuitive and often only takes an hour to train on. Thus, organizations experience much higher adoption rates because users aren’t frustrated and confused.

Furthermore, we never want you to feel like you are tied to us and are held hostage when it comes to making changes and adding on to your solution after it is completed. We believe in fully enabling you for the future. Some of our clients have chosen to have their own developers trained in QlikView development after the setup of their platforms so they can do development work in-house. They took advantage of the Qlik Education Services which offers expertly-designed coursework and materials to give organizations the skills they need to do future development work. These courses can be completed either online or in-person.

So after we do all the heavy lifting for you – ensuring your platform is tied to your necessary business requirements, is providing the right information for the right people in an easily understood way and meets the needs of your users – you don’t have to worry about having to come back to us for every little change or modification. Although we are happy to meet these needs as well if it’s just one more distraction for your team you don’t want to have to deal with.