Lucas and I are off to Qlik Qonnections 2017, May 15-18 in Orlando, Florida. The premier BI conference that brings Qlik partners, customers and data lovers together to share insights and explore data further. 

An endless choice of breakout...

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Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense

BizXcel just recently rolled out our latest update to the Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense.  With this latest release, the suite of Insurance Templates for Qlik Sense...

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Cleaning supplies

With all the rain we are experiencing it is a perfect time to stay indoors and spring clean – especially to declutter in IT. It’s time to tackle the projects or internal maintenance that has been put off because the IT department has been...

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Interview line up

BizXcel is seeking a Junior/Intermediate Account Executive (Full-time Salary Position) to join our team and assist us in our growth. BizXcel (Head office is in Brockville, Ontario) is a growing consulting, training and business...

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One way signs

Traditional business intelligence solutions can only provide you with answers when you know the exact questions you want to ask. Often times we don’t even know all of the questions we want to ask but with the right business intelligence solutions...

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HR office

I work with many HR professionals and what I’ve found over the last year especially is that the HR role is being revolutionized as analytics becomes a priority in this department. People analytics is nothing new it just seems to have been a low priority...

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Car accident

The BizXcel Business Intelligence team has been hard at work developing an insurance template that is powered by Qlik Sense. This template is to meet the needs of insurance companies who are seeking reporting and analytics that are not currently...

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In January, Qlik announced the acquisition of Idevio. This company provides geographical software and services which has allowed Qlik to add an in-depth geographical dimension to data. Qlik already had strong mapping capabilities but with Geoanalytics you can...

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Light bulb

As technology continues to bring about new opportunities for business it also is driving more disruption for the insurance industry. The 2017 Technology Conference (ICTC) is happening in Toronto this month where industry experts will...

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Conference audience

It’s that wonderful time of the year where we register our team members to attend Qlik Qonnections; the premier BI conference that brings data enthusiasts together to network, share insights and learn. 

This year we have Lucas...

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