Qlik Sense 3.0

With the latest release of Qlik Sense 3.0, Qlik has improved its agility and administration role capabilities to help support IT in new ways.

Check out the highlights of...

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Qlik Sense

Danger sign

In today’s economy, insurance companies, like any other association, are looking at methods to decrease costs, sustain or increase revenue and reduce exposure to risk.   There was a time when insurance companies and their actuaries primarily utilized loss analysis...

From the blog of: Cory Hanna

Hockey players on ice

I was watching Dragon’s Den the other night (keep in mind it was a very old episode that I hadn’t seen before) yet I was fascinated with a hockey helmet...

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Sports analytics

Data visualizations

It used to be that we needed specific skills and talent to create our data visualizations. It was nice to have but often companies were not communicating their data in a visual way. All of that has changed now. For managers,...

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Visualizations, Qlik Sense

Medical room

We are currently working with a client in the health care field facilitating strategic planning.  I’ve been meeting with the Executive Director, employees, patients and Board of Directors gathering as much information as I...

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Healthcare, Data Analytics, Personalized Patient Care, Whole Story

Data on a computer

When was the last time you had to justify a request for a large capital expenditure in your business?  Perhaps if...

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Have you ever stopped to think how much time you spend over the day trying to gather the information you need to make a decision? It would likely scare you if you began tracking it and thought about how ineffective this time is.


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Sales, Business Intelligence, Excel

Lego Pieces

BizXcel is excited to have a new team member on board. Mark joined our team to take on the adventure of sales for data analytics and our build a kick ass company program. Mark shared a unique way of explaining data analytics using lego...

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Movie reel with popcorn

For anyone that knows me, I am an avid movie watcher and I find the entertainment industry so fascinating as it has transformed over the years in ways that I never thought were even possible. With the power that data analytics holds it is no surprise...

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Car in motion

Wouldn’t you like to increase the performance of your organization?  You likely realize that there are areas for improvement in your processes and/or people that would lead to better performance.  But do you really know how to achieve it...

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Delta P4, Performance, KPIs, metrics


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